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  1. This thread has good timing. It's why some small axis squads and lone wolves have banded together to form StatsGruppen <STG> the new all-stats, only-stats, all-the-time stats squad. No guarding cps or bunkers or fbs, no capping allowed (1st cap gets a warning, 2 caps and booted from squad), no driving, towing or fms setting and no sharing of secret bushes, roofs and buildings to sniper from. Right now, you need an 11.0+ K/D to join and we're currently lobbying CRS to make more and bigger windows in depots to shoot from. Extra squad points are awarded to specifically NOT guarding spawns so they get capped and hence give more targets to kill for better stats from one's favourite snipe the spawn exits spots. Thats it. STG currently has no CO, as leadership detracts from Stats time and opportunities.
  2. Ty. Fun map playing Axis as for the last 10 campaigns. On behalf of squad, including Desaix1, Ella & Sorella (cousins in real life) and Sorella2. Hopefully Sorella will be able to deal with his issues in OT where we hear he is trying to get The Supreme Order of MikeAz Medal. Pym, CO, QoR Queen's Own Rifles / aka/ Quality Object Removers
  3. thx. thx to axis players especially njord88 who also helped cap ab bunker. Pym, CO QoR (Queen's Own Rifles a/k/a Quality Object Removal)
  4. Some squads switch sides for different reasons, just like some players switch, hardcore or not - its always good to see the other side. There's as many reasons and times to switch as there are players or squads. We've just done our first axis campaign, as a squad, since 2004. Pym, CO QoR - Queens Own Rifles of Canada "Quality Object Removal When It's Most Needed"
  5. That is a nice visual. Where from? And surely 'FB Capture' could be achievable, even if simply using the existing depot/cp coding? Even if the FB were technically part of the town to be captured. Then it could be for example - capture the FB to trigger AO timer, making town cps capturable within 10 minutes of FB capture then the existing further 10mins for bunker/dox/af caps? Pym, CO, QoR Quality Object Removal of FBs since 2015
  6. thank you. fun playing axis for first time in 13 years. Pym, CO QOR / Queen's Own Rifles
  7. even though I'm a reality/simulation buff Parasit has the correct idea here.
  8. you can read more here including speed and climb charts from actual tests of captured equipement:
  9. great work as always Propa. CRS put these on the FRONT PAGE!
  10. worked for me > but only after 3 days of trying/waiting and 4 different email addresses used. activation emails received at only 2 of 4 different email addresses: one worked, the other activation link had timed out.