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  1. gj mook2
  2. well done!
  3. Had some duels with "Zuviel" this map in CPs. Great player.
  4. thank you.
  5. great player.
  6. gj there, well earned!
  7. 2001. 9th Hohenstauffen.
  8. just saw this, I dont read forums very often. thank you very much.
  9. Reduce the number of AFs. Much effort to take out one AF with bombs is a waste of time if the next AF is one flight-minute away, e.g. Wiltz-Bertrix AFs too close to each other. Same with Etain-MontfaconAFs. Or Vitry/Seclin/Lille AFs way too close.
  10. same problem as ibshot. was waiting for auto-patch but server was "offline" always. waited and waited. problem solved now, but poor communication by CRS.
  11. Neither side was able to mount any sort of attack today. It was "moling Brussels" for hours. No GHC on for some time, I guess the same with AHC. Hope players come back soon.
  12. responsible for Allied defeat since 2001
  13. here is how I solved it : uncheck the "compatibility mode" (BE desktop item > right click > compatibility) mouse working again