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  1. Ty Brady for the intel! (Q- does it work with the BAR? I know it works with the M1 Garant) With the Steam release coming up, i am going to do the what for and why is trainings almost everytime i'm online. If any one got tips or something they are most welcome
  2. Found a sapper video on how to blow the Tiger. Go get those Tiger kills boot!
  3. Congratz kiD2A2AB and Skyhawk7
  4. Goodjob all
  5. Thanks, can't wait on camp 138!
  6. <S> All, personally i would not mind it. And i know that i gonna [censored] of some vets know. buts holding on to the past while the game is preparing to exists in the future, we as vets need to change our mind on something. The glory old days are not comming back by CSR steam release. So we can either hide in the sqauds and look at old sqaud names and their last log in. Or build it all over again and make it even beter in some points. It's easy for me to say this, because i never played in the 'glory days'. S
  7. Found a great vid of a riffle 232 kill. driver and gunner.
  8. <S> Allies, I'm setting up a school for new players ingame. If u guys have new recruits in your sqaud or know new recruits? And don't have the time to explain whats happening around them? No Worries, Im glad to get our new players 'up-to-date' What i can offer: * Advanced Combat-Communications training * * Basic to Advanced Attack/Deffend Operations Training. * * Army and Navy unit training! * (No flying skills) * Engineering tips * I'm working on a fixed school day in the week ( thinking of thursday or saturday) I am calling out the training ingame, but you can also send me a pm. P.S I maybe dont have the right awnsers away, but i know allot of good players who are willing to help me out. Thanks for your understanding. Ltsolina out <S>
  9. cant find the words right now. Only thing i hope for you my friend is, that it was quick and painless. Rest in Peace Tom Salute''
  10. Allied Forces is recruiting again! Allfor got only 3 rules 1. dont play axis!(thats a biggie) 2. Get on Ts3 (better than typing your ass off while being shot) 3. Have fun and respect allplayers! PM to get a invite. Gr. Ltsolina