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  1. That's actually a great idea. If we could tell them from other greentags, we could welcome the new players, ingame, and make them feel like they're not being thrown to the wolves. THEN, we throw them to the wolves!!! (just kidding) -Irish
  2. Back to the news story! I just added a comment to it. I'm the FIRST one to do so. WTF??? Get busy, guys! Put some comments on there and give some of reasons you like the game. Get people interested! -Irish
  3. You might want to do a bit more than a two week trial, for new Steam users. Two weeks is long enough to not learn the game properly, get mad, and leave. It may not be enough time for them to get over their ragequit and come back for another try. Those are the ones we need, the ones who will come back and give the game another chance. Could it, perhaps, be two one-week trial periods? They could use them consecutively. Or, they could use one and save the other for a while, using it when they chose. -Irish
  4. I see a lot more calculations having to be done, server-side. That could also add to player lag as additional data would have to be transmitted to every player in the area, for every bullet fired. I don't know how that would work. The concept, though, is outstanding. -Irish
  5. I don't know if this works on all planes, but I was just trying to set my joystick dead zones and range, while in offline practice mode. Using the Hurri IIB, which I've had problems with in the past, I was able to map my rudder to very fine control. All was well and good, but then I moved the joystick forward and backward (elevators). Within a couple moments after I started giving elevator input, the rudder snapped to full right or full left, with NO other input from me. This happened even though I was making sure the joystick was not twisting any more at all. Even with minimal rudder input, and no extra twist, the rudder would snap full to the side every time. I could then twist the joystick back the other way and the joystick would realign itself with the rudder input from the joystick. That would explain the lack of control during turns. I didn't have time to try it with the ailerons, but I will when I get back home and edit this post accordingly. EDIT: It doesn't happen with the ailerons moving, just the elevators. Sorry it took so long to get back here, but my wife was in the emergency room. -Irish
  6. If you still want you use your hat switch, perhaps a program such as Joy To Key ( LINK ) might help. You can use that to interpret joystick input as keypresses. You could map your hat switch to a set of key combinations you won't otherwise use, such as [ALT] + F5 through [ALT] + F12. Then just set your views in the keymapper to those combinations and VOILA! -Irish
  7. Rats, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY TWO DAYS! If that's what's needed to improve the game, go for it! -Irish
  8. I'm trying to decide if I should let my younger son play. He'll be 10 in July and he's been after me to play a good flight sim with him as well as us both being on here. I'm not too worried about language, as he watches YouTube gaming videos all the time. Even the guys who do the more kid-oriented ones let slip an occasional "colorful metaphor. " He is pretty awesome. He blows it off, saying they need a better vocabulary because it just makes them sound stupid. Of course, this is the same kid who was regularly using four and five syllable words when he was in first grade. His teachers have regularly told us he has a better vocabulary than most college grads they know, and he's only in fourth grade. Of course, I may be the one on voice com and just relay the information to him, since his computer is only an arm's length away from mine. This would not be for HIS safety, mind you, but for everyone else's. -Irish p.s. vixplay, of course you can play, but only on the Allied side. The Axis players dress funny, are very naughty, and are to be shunned at every opportunity.
  9. Bajeezus, what a convoluted pile o' sh!te! To get an avatar photo, you have to join Gravatar. To sign into Gravatar you have to join WordPress. What's all that all about? I have to join two different fekkin' sites to post one picture which I already have hosted somewhere else? IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!! I already have a photo hosted on PhotoBucket which I can put in with a URL. POOF! VOILA! And I didn't have to join different sites, change my clothes, close the blinds, or clean out the refrigerator. Someone is WAY overthinking this. It must be the same person who wanted to use Discord. I don't use social media for a reason. I don't want to be involved in networked sites. I shouldn't HAVE TO, just to play a game. That's the easiest way to be hacked and have your information used for identity theft. I already had my Social Security number stolen, a number of years ago. I don't want anything else of mine being used illegally, without my knowledge. -Irish
  10. Well, I found another site which hasn't had any WWIIOL love in a LONG time. http://www.ww2f.com/ This site has a DEDICATED WWIIOL forum. http://www.ww2f.com/forums/wwii-online.101/ Despite this, the last post on there was from almost three years ago. Even that was only one guy asking a question and he received no responses. SO, I posted a tiny, little, insignificant thread designed to get their attention. http://www.ww2f.com/threads/attention-to-orders-all-personnel-report-immediately.68178/ Get on that site and contribute to that thread. In fact, contribute to the whole site. It's dedicated to all types of discussion about WWII. Let them see we're still alive over here and maybe give and get some information at the same time! -Irish
  11. Also, go into offline practice mode and practice with all the weapons you're likely to use. That will make a big difference, once you get ingame. -Irish
  12. I have two Premium accounts, both from WBS promotions. Every month, I get two emails, one for each account, welcoming me to Premium status. It's no big deal, but I just don't want an issue with the billing system to come back and bite the Rats at some point by failing to carry Premium accounts over from one month to the next. -Irish
  13. Accorting to that article, it was actually done in early '41. -Irish
  14. If you're going to make players rely on bolt action rifles, at least make combat realistic. Allow us to fix bayonets on them or buttstroke the enemy soldier in the face with the butt of the rifle then kill him while he's unconscious. As it is now, you can't get into close combat with a bolt action rifle. By the time you switch to the combat knife, the other player has already shot you. No wonder no one wants to go into town, into close-quarters CP fighting, with them. I would love a bit of realism here. I'd have my avatar grab the rifle by the barrel end, c.o.c.k. it up like a baseball bat, and stand next to the CP door. NEXXXXT!!!!! -Irish
  15. Annnnd, the TS channels have the PWs changed, which means Discord or nothing. "SLAM!" goes the door. The official word was the TS servers would be coming down "eventually." I wish eventually was EVER that quick when one of my bosses said I'd "get a raise, eventually." It hasn't even been two weeks since the first announcement. There are very likely players who have been gone from the game and forums for that long or longer, who will be coming back and trying the TS servers, not knowing any better. There are even players still having problems with Discord, who can't use it. Was it REALLY necessary to shut down TS THIS quickly? I feel as if I'm being force-fed a bitter food, like I was a little child again, being made to "eat what I put in front of you." That hasn't happened in over 50 years, so it's a bit disquieting. Yeah, I'm sure we will all "eventually" get Discord working and get used to it. We'll "eventually" stop missing the features we used to enjoy. We may even get used to watching players leave our game because a few of their clan mates are getting on another game together and now they can see them. Let's see... If we can see other players we know, can they see US? Can they then send private messages/whispers/pages/tells/whatever to us, while we're playing WWIIOL? That will be great for those playing a number of games, with a large friend list. They'll be getting PMs all the time, while they're trying to listen for footsteps inside a CP or listen for audio to find where that enemy truck is going to place their FMS. That ought to work just DANDY! *sigh* I sense a train wreck coming. I've been doing online games for about 25 years, since before there was a commercially available internet. I usually have a very good feel for these things. I do hope I'm wrong. -Irish