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  1. Just pure gameplay footage, with no explanations or narration, is missing something. If you could do a voiceover, after the fact, explaining to people who haven't played the game before what you're doing and why, it would enhance the experience for people who would otherwise not have a clue what they were watching. -Irish
  2. Depending on where you live, you can also get a prepaid card with either the Visa, Mastercard, or American Express logo on it. You reload them by paying the amount plus a small reload fee at any store where you can purchase them (grocery stores, drug stores, Walmart, et cetera). Then they function exactly as credit cards. You can also purchase gift cards in varying amounts which do the same thing, but are not reloadable. You just purchase a new card each time rather than reloading them. That makes you have to frequently update your payment method with CRS, though. -Irish
  3. But how much time will you give them on their warning? Even if it's only a couple minutes, some players will do things like rush CPs and empty them out before they're despawned, knowing there is very little chance they can be killed. In a way, that makes the lag problem worse by letting the players who WOULD cheat by exploiting the bug on purpose know WHEN they can do so. -Irish
  4. Bingo, @chaoswzkd! As it is, only mission leaders can put marks on the map for anything other than reporting enemy contacts. I'd like to do the electronic version of getting my map and a pencil out and putting an X on a spot, to mark it just for my use. -Irish
  5. It would be fantastic if each player could set markers, such as waypoints, on their map or possibly also for those on their mission. It could be used to mark staging areas for people to gather to establish ZoC or pilots could mark individual waypoints to use for strafing or bombing. -Irish
  6. The reason this bothered me is that, for the new patch with the HE audit AND for the anniversary event, they are both in the middle of the work week. If someone wants to take a vacation day to participate in either the audit roll out (last night/today) or the anniversary event, they may have had to put in for a vacation day well in advance. I can understand rushing the audit out, not knowing exactly when it would be ready, and now having a week to debug it on the live server before the anniversary, but the anniversary is a set date. If plans were made well in advance, people could take a day off work if they wanted. People who play could invite some friends who may have never played the game. Word could have been spread to other wargamers via websites. As it is now, there won't be time for any of that. As much as we like to think of this as a game, it's a business for the Rats. It needs to start being treated like one. Events such as the anniversary should have a roadmap of their own, for what activities (different than normal, day to day) will actually be happening, what promotions (WBS?) or specials will be offered and for how long, and how far in advance (at least a month) publicity materials (news releases, posters, et cetera) will be released. As of Tuesday, THIS was on the WWIIOL Facebook page, under "Events." "World War II Online does not have any upcoming events." There was no mention of the anniversary or even the new patch (until after it was released). The game now has to compete with state of the art WWII shooters such as Call of Duty: WWII, Hell Let Loose, and Post Scriptum. They will take huge chunks out of our prospective playerbase. If WWIIOL is to survive (and hopefully PROSPER), it has to be seen. It has to become known outside our current playerbase. The following websites each has a list of WWII games or an article containing such a list. Some are called "the best" games but others are just lists of games. Some are of RTS and FPS only. Some include flight, armor, and/or naval sims. The one thing they all have in common is that not ONE of them mentions WWIIOL at all, not even a passing nod to a game which holds two Guinness World Records. Wikipedia PCGamesN (pcgamesn.com) Lifewire (lifewire.com) Gamerant (gamerant.com) Giant Bomb (giantbomb.com) <---(their list is NINE PAGES long) There are also a couple milsim (military simulation games) websites which have front page "news" articles on their homepages. These are sites by and for the very type of player we need to attract. I made some contacts and got the Rats hooked up with the people on those sites who post their news articles. News about the game still isn't showing up on those sites. We need a call to arms. Either the word gets out or it doesn't. It's nice to ask the players to do it, but that is not something which can ever be counted on. Ultimately, it's the responsibility of the Rats. If the game fails to compete in today's market, this might be the last or next to the last anniversary it celebrates. -Irish
  7. The game's anniversary is coming up in a week. I presume there will be something special going on. But so far, I have seen and heard nothing, either here or on any other WWII/gaming/milsim websites. The only way we'll get new players is to advertise. The only way we'll get veteran players back is to grow the game, with new content and features, but also with new PLAYERS. So, is there anything planned? Are there going to be announcements, promos, or news releases posted on other sites? It won't help the game grow if the only ones attending are the ones who would have been here anyway. -Irish
  8. WHIPS doesn't switch after each campaign. They just came to hang with the Lancers for this camp, but will go back to the dark side next time. WHIPS and Lancers are like "sister squads." We may run a camp with them on the Axis side every year or so, and they do the same with us on the Allied side. -Irish
  9. Do I sense a pregnant pause forthcoming? -Irish
  10. Wednesday afternoon to Sunday morning isn't a week. It's actually, almost exactly half that. It just seems like forever. -Irish
  11. I have two different types of generic gaming mice and one Microsoft mouse, I believe a Comfort 4500. The same issue also happens with my Kensington Expert Mouse trackball. -Irish
  12. I've been trying to map my mouse 3 and mouse 4 buttons but am having difficulty. The keymapper misidentifies the mouse 3 button as mouse 4 and won't recognize the mouse 4 button at all. This is an issue as I want to map mouse 4 as infantry reload and use mouse 3 as my push to talk on Discord. I've tried three different mice of different brands, but it happens on all of them. They work fine on all other games. Anyone else experience this and possibly have a solution? Thanks! -Irish
  13. All you have to do is resize the banner with any photo program. Keep the height the same and change the width to 1040 or so. The change in width is minor, so it doesn't really change the appearance, and it will fit the header field on the page. -Irish
  14. Just so you know, the right side of your banner is cut off, on your homepage. Tradition Pride Excellence has been cut off to read Tr <half of a P> Ex. It appears to have a maximum width of just under 1045 for a header. -Irish
  15. Nahhh... They were still flying B and C models in June of '44, so it could be any early run of the 'Stang D. Check the MACR (accident reports) and you have D5s, with the 8th AF, written up far into '45. As an example, 44-11156 (356th FG, 360th FS) crashed north of Strasburg, Germany, on 1 March 1945 (MACR 12826). -Irish