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  1. I agree we need a US Army Air Corps (technically the combat arm of the USAAF, btw) presence, ingame. As they were THE largest air force in the war, it's wrong to not have them represented at all. The American P-40 skin we have is TERRIBLY wrong (Checkertails NEVER flew P-40s in Europe), and the P-38 was phased out early, but they're better than not having ANY American air presence in the game. Having a few of our RDP bombers reskinned as US would be a welcome addition as well. I mean, it's not like American bombers had ANY effect on the war, but still. I really feel that, if we DID have P-47s (starting at the end of '42) and P-51s (starting late '43), we'd have a LOT more air-oriented players joining the game on both sides. Flight simmers are VERY underrepresented as part of the playerbase and could bring in much needed money for the Rats. -Irish
  2. This weekend is the 6th annual Gaming4Guts charity Twitch ( twitch.tv ) livestream marathon! This year the Gaming4Guts crew is streaming from December 6th-9th. All proceeds raised will go to the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America. Look for the games tagged with #Gaming4Guts, to watch! Go to https://tinyurl.com/Gaming4Guts2019 to donate! I have only the MILDEST form of IBD (inflammatory bowel diseases), IBS-D. It impacts my life every day. I can not imagine what the brave souls have to go through every day, those who have multiple surgeries and major disabilities from Crohn's, Colitis, and other IBDs. Come watch, comment, donate if you can. If you have an IBD, know anyone with one, or have a family member who suffers from one, join us on the Discord channel and become part of the community. Gaming4Guts Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/Gaming4guts/ Gaming4Guts Discord Channel http://discord.gg/gMqa7Fb Thanks!!! -Irish
  3. Srsly? Voting was only open for a week? That sucks. -Irish
  4. Hmmm... Have you tried uninstalling Firefox and getting rid of all associated files where account information. PWs, et cetera could be stored, then reinstalling it clean? It sounds like it's "remembering" different account names or something, and overwriting what you're entering as the usernames, in some way, when you try to log into your accounts. I am NOT a computer guru, so I have no idea how it could happen, but that seems like the only reason multiple websites would tell you the accounts under the name(s) you're entering don't exist, when you know they do. Best of luck! -Irish
  5. I can confirm it's not specifically a Firefox issue. I've been using Firefox exclusively, since it was released. I have never used any other browser to log in here, and it has always worked fine for me, including as I'm posting this. EDIT: @Elfin, do you have either browser set to "autofill" your passwords? If so, check Safari and see if you might be misremembering the password and still have it (and Safari) set to the correct password and Firefox using a different one. -Irish
  6. Link, please. I'm on Steam and the only awards I can find are the 2018 results. Where does one go to nominate games for this year's awards? Thanks! -Irish
  7. OR, you can get one of these. -Irish
  8. Isn't that supposed to be "Mr. Ryman man," now? -Irish
  9. The link is broken. -Irish
  10. Ask and ye shall receive. It's a lot more fun to watch than standard training videos, and has a perfect WillyTee style ending. -Irish
  11. OUCH!!! Funny AF, but still...ouch. Mine would come back, "Account closed with prejudice. Do not allow to reapply." -Irish
  12. I wish we had known how we were being gouged, back in 2003-2004, when my wife and I were paying $14.99(US)/month each for two subscriptions to the game Horizons: Empire of Istaria. Frankly, the game was laggy and had some serious bugs which needed to be fixed. We played it anyway. I wish I would have known how I was being taken advantage of, in 2004 and for the next eight years, when I was paying $14.99(US)/month for a subscription to City of Heroes. /sarcasm off $14.99 in 2004 would be over $20.00 today. No matter what people may THINK of it, players of this game are NOT being overcharged at a monthly cost of $14.99 or even $17.99. However, people have been so spoiled by free to play games and microtransactions, they don't realize people have been quite happy to pay this much or more, ever since the beginning of MMOs. In 1999, it cost $9.89(US)/month to play Everquest, the first true MMO. Adjusted for inflation, that is just over $15 today, right in line with the yearly-pay rate of $14.99 for WWIIOL. Frankly, I'm ashamed of my fellow gamers for not recognizing the value of the amount of entertainment a game provides. If you only play one hour per day/15 hours per month, that's 50¢ per hour. And yes, I will bring up movies and such. Try to go to a two hour movie for a dollar, anywhere. You can't even rent one for that price from RedBox. That kind of gamer is basically saying people running games should do so for free, JUST so they (the entitled little butterflies) can play. My family is getting by on disability income, so we don't exactly have what you would call disposable income. Still, I keep two accounts active even though I only rarely have time to get ingame and can't get either of my sons interested to get ingame with me (yet). This game is unique in the world. I guess, in a perfect world, some rich investor would come in and throw money at the Rats to build it up then to release v2 with all the bells, whistles, and eye candy. Since this world isn't perfect, it's kind of up to us. If we want to play this game, we each have to do whatever we can to keep it alive. Just my 2¢. -Irish
  13. I hope everyone is having better luck with the new system than I am. Both my accounts have been billed twice this month, once before and once after the new system started. Either whoever entered it either didn't check the box that tells the system my payment was up to date, or my due date wasn't entered correctly. It's being worked on now. Anyone who has a problem, notify support using the link below. http://playnet.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new They will get it straightened out for you. -Irish
  14. Wednesday is the 28th, not the 27th. -Irish
  15. Can you start an Allied unit concurrently, or get another of the Rats to do so? It would be nice to have dedicated units forming on both sides at the same time. -Irish