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      Fundraiser 2017 - WWII Online World War II Online has a VERY big year ahead, with an impressive Development Roadmap outlined, and the big release of our game onto the #1 online games distribution portal, "Steam".

      We have started a funding campaign and need YOUR help to achieve these important mission objectives!   Here is a quick overview of what your contribution(s) will be going towards: Project Management software to bolster production and organization. New hardware to prepare for launching on Steam and improving existing services long-term. Supporting our 2017 Development Roadmap objectives. Please support us by going to this link. Several perks for larger donations are shown below:     As always, your continued support is much appreciated. The greatest thing about this game is and always will be the community.   Note: If you want to donate $25 or more, make sure you click on a perk to obtain the items included in it. If you forget to select a perk, send an email to http://support.playnet.com to still get your items.


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  1. Yeah, it is "much." It's easily worth several times what it costs new. I have three of them, two of which I bought used at a thrift store. I have other joysticks and a HOTAS, but there's a 3D Pro on my desk right now, which I'm using. The ergonomics and button placement are better than anything else out there. The thing will last forever if you learn to have a light hand on the controls and not slam it around. -Irish
  2. If you clear your browser history/cookies when you log out, your browser can't remember your refusal. Since clearing cookies is a good thing to do, for security purposes, there would have to be a feature on the forums to remember your choice, when you sign in. Otherwise, you have to re-refuse, each time you connect. -Irish
  3. Salute, hvyoutput! Hastien, deepest condolences to you and your family. -Irish
  4. Yeah, I am serious. I can take off and land fine, most of the time, but it shouldn't be a "you have to do it just so" operation. On every decent sized mission, we lose a couple planes, then have to delay the mission while they respawn and catch up. Landing is another tricky thing, as the stall speed for most of the larger planes mean you have to drop in right at the beginning of the airfield so you have enough room to use the brakes and slow down. In reality, there was always a measure of extra room. If we're in a hurry, we can just land wheels up and still get credit for RTB, then respawn, but the nature of the game should not encourage that. -Irish
  5. With the flight models here, you almost have to have a stick. You won't ever be competitive, otherwise. If you don't want to buy a new one, check flea markets and thrift stores. I bought two of my three Extreme 3D Pro sticks at a local thrift store, the last one for under $5. I cleaned it up, it calibrated just fine, and it works like new. -Irish
  6. Oh mighty one, I bow before the awesomeness of your three THOUSAND post count. Srsly, I know this is , but it's good to keep it in play every so often, so our Alien...err...Rat Overlords don't forget about it. -Irish
  7. This is a freaking FANTASTIC idea. Unity is strength! Whenever I'm on late, I'll be looking for the Night Owls. I urge anyone looking for a squad, who's on late nights, to give Quincannon (one of the other "Irishs" ingame, btw) a yell and form up. -Irish
  8. Perhaps having two selections, either the full game or a less expensive air/naval subscription. I can't see having the ground game, by itself, as a less expensive alternative, as that's currently 90% of the game. -Irish
  9. Star Citizen is now using Lumberyard, a CryEngine derivative. Amazon is giving it away for free. It has definite advantages, including integration with the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud and Twitch (livestreaming). Could this be the future of WWIIOL? -Irish
  10. ...and no trees surounding them. That is all. Thank you. -Irish
  11. Thanks for doing things like this, Xoom! BTW, I got a kick out of logging in a couple days ago to see you, playing Allied, flying overhead. Can we keep you? -Irish
  12. Excellent! My thread on the Star Citizen forum is in "Other Games." It's on the first page of that forum, so you can't miss it. >>>LINK<<< -Irish
  13. That Reddit forum is specifically for WWIIOL, so everyone reading probably already knows about WBS. Good call about the other PC games areas. If there's one having to do with WWII hobbyists or militaria fans, those might be good ones to hit as well. -Irish
  14. And another... This one was on the forum of the 352nd Virtual Fighter Group (LINK), the Bluenosed B@stards of Bodney. They're BIG TIME on realism in combat flying, so I quoted them some of Hatch's comments regarding the historical hard-to-fly nature of the 109, and why that's being kept ingame. That should give them a bit of an idea of the attention to detail they'd find in this game. I'm hoping we can get at least one of them to try it out, then to recommend it to the other Bluenosers. -Irish p.s. Come on, gang! Other than me, only brooks123 has any promos posted. I have three so far. Some of you guys can do some too, I know it.
  15. CHA-CHING!!! I just got another one on the thread on the War of Rights forum. Since my first post was before the WBS promotion, I did this one as an update. @brooks123... *high five* Nice one! -Irish