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  1. All you have to do is resize the banner with any photo program. Keep the height the same and change the width to 1040 or so. The change in width is minor, so it doesn't really change the appearance, and it will fit the header field on the page. -Irish
  2. Just so you know, the right side of your banner is cut off, on your homepage. Tradition Pride Excellence has been cut off to read Tr <half of a P> Ex. It appears to have a maximum width of just under 1045 for a header. -Irish
  3. Nahhh... They were still flying B and C models in June of '44, so it could be any early run of the 'Stang D. Check the MACR (accident reports) and you have D5s, with the 8th AF, written up far into '45. As an example, 44-11156 (356th FG, 360th FS) crashed north of Strasburg, Germany, on 1 March 1945 (MACR 12826). -Irish
  4. Xoom has previously said that every time they give the free accounts more equipment it costs them money. They've tried different variations over the years and it just isn't viable. Unfortunately, the more people get for free the less likely they become to pay for the rest. I agree the FreePlay accounts need to be renamed. Perhaps call them Sample Accounts. Give new players the idea they are meant to allow them to try the game before subscribing. Now, I do NOT agree the subscription fee is too high for this game. I paid $14.99(US)/mo fourteen years ago, for a below-standard, bugged MMO. I also paid that same amount for over eight years, for City of Heroes (which ended several years ago). If anything, the fact this game only costs what games cost fifteen years ago should be seen as a current players getting a break. -Irish
  5. Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh! (Blessings of the feast of St. Patrick to you!) Basically... HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! -Irish
  6. Blkhwk8, I sent you a PM with an idea for something different. -Irish
  7. If not for yourself, do it for Cap! -Irish
  8. Sweet! Thanks for the response. -Irish
  9. I just can't see adding female characters to a World War Two-themed simulation game. I can see where female players feel under-represented by not having female avatars, but they just were not there, as front line troops in the actual war. As a comparison, how many female avatars are there in Napoleonic-era games, American Civil War games, or combat flight sims? There are not even female avatars/pilot voices that I know of in modern-day jet combat flight sims when there actually ARE female pilots in combat. I actually asked my wife about it. She's an occasional gamer, but is far from passionate about it unless she finds a game she really likes. She's played mostly swords and sorcery style fantasy games. She felt a female avatar would be out of place in a World War Two setting. When I told her a female player had requested female avatars be added to the game, her response was (I quote her exact words, so don't blame me. I didn't say it.), "She should take her whiny azz to a different game." She actually disliked the idea of using female avatars in a game such as this as it was easier for her to think of only male soldiers killing each other rather than females suffering horrific wounds and having limbs blown off in explosions. I pointed out to her the game was not -that- graphic, but she said seeing female avatars laying in contorted death positions with pools of blood under them would get to her as well. I have to agree with her on that last one. -Irish
  10. Actually, the open mic part had already been going on for a little while and everyone's permissions had already been enabled, so anyone could unmute their mic and talk. It also wasn't to stop any background noise coming from my mic, as I have an inline mute button on my headset. I unmuted the icon on the bottom left of the screen but still had my headset mic muted so nothing would come through until I was ready to actually say something. I doubt it was even a full second before the icon went back to "muted," with the red circle and slash, and "You have been muted by host." showed on my screen. I'm not active in game due to family issues, but I still have two Premium subs active. Even if I can't play very much, I do want to support the game and give input where it might help. -Irish
  11. A question, for anyone who might know the answer... After the Rat Chat, I stuck around a short time afterward for the "open mic" casual discussion. The discussion, at the time, was about removing the "halo" around transport/para planes. I had just un-muted my mic and was waiting for a break in the discussion to make a comment/suggestion...to contribute to the discussion. But, barely a second after I un-muted my mic, the mute symbol reappeared along with a message that I had been muted by the meeting admin. If there was a reason I was not allowed to participate in the discussion, I wish someone would've let me know, as everyone was -supposed- to have been allowed to talk. Was there a reason? -Irish
  12. Well, here I go again... Anyone in central Florida up for a get-together? Tampa - Anywhere family-oriented Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, FL (between Tampa and Orlando, on I-4). The museum is open 11am-3pm Friday-Sunday through the middle of next month. After that, it's just a few minutes down I-4 to the US Highway 98 exit, in Lakeland. Food, shopping, movies, et cetera... Ideas? -Irish
  13. Since I'm no longer with the Marketing team, it seems no one is stepping up. There have been no news articles about either WBS or Fall Rot on any of the milsim websites and there has been no posting about the game to any other games' forums ("other games" or "off topic" sections). There has also been no Community Report in the past six weeks. A huge opportunity is being missed, by not publicizing the game. We can't get new players if they don't know about the game. Even if they do know about it, they're more likely to come try it if they're exposed to it on a frequent/regular basis. -Irish
  14. Well, if the Allies hadn't lost the Battle of France, and they still convinced the US to do "Europe First," the Americans should land in early '42 since there is no need to wait and build up forces to invade Europe. They could just ship their gear over and land at the French ports to disembark on the continent. -Irish
  15. WB Beatle! There is a LOT new, if you haven't been ingame in a while. SPAA (self-propelled anti-aircraft) units and tankbuster aircraft are the latest. We have player-placed objects from last year. Some new artwork and a bunch of code fixes. Much more to come. Check out the 2018 Dev Roadmap. -Irish