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  1. Condolences to his family and friends, including all here who knew and cared for him. This community shares in the loss. I hope we can have an ingame memorial for him. We need a service with a flyover, at the very least. Rest well, Jammyman. You left a lot of people with happy memories. In the end, that's all you can ask for. Well done, sir! -Irish
  2. You can also go to local "mom and pop" computer stores. Lots of them will have used systems, or even systems they've built themselves, and they are usually pretty reasonable. If you get a good place, they should even throw in a short term warranty, like 30-90 days. -Irish
  3. @GrAnit, condolences on your loss, but congratulations on having a man like that as your dad. -Irish
  4. In the odd minute I have free, one of the locations on the 'net I favor is ww2aircraft.net, a site dedicated to all types of WWII aircraft-related hobbies, scale modeling, photography, historical research, flight simming, et cetera. Until recently, one of the MAJOR contributors was a gentleman by the name of Bill Runnels. Bill was a bombardier in the 360th Bomb Squadron, 303rd Bomb Group, flying B-17s out of Molesworth, England. He served at the end of the war, getting just over half his missions in by the time the war ended. He was in on some of the BIG raids on Berlin and the heart of Germany. Bill was originally a member of the "Lacker Crew" with 2nd Lt. Howard C. Lacker the pilot. http://www.303rdbg.com/360lacker.html (Bill is second from right, first row.) Bill always regretted not being with the rest of his crew on 6 April 45. On that date, Bill was not flying with his crew. They were lost in a mid-air collision with another B-17. There were no survivors from either plane. He felt survivors' guilt, to be sure. But, as another forum member put it, he was spared "to keep their memory alive." I believe he took comfort in that. Bill was a regular in the ww2aircraft.net forums, posting about his experiences before, during, and after the war. He was an encyclopedia of knowledge of that time period. Bill was sharp as a tack. He could remember dates and names from even his most obscure experiences. The best thing was that he was more than willing to share his experiences with everyone on the forums. He always had words of encouragement, compliments on folks' posts, and his own unique brand of insight into wartime subjects, from training to uniforms to the missions on which he flew. More than that, he was a great guy. He and I swapped quite a few PMs, back and forth. I told him, years ago I had met a pilot from the 356th Fighter Group, and somewhat "adopted" that group. Whenever I did research on the Eighth Air Force, I would make it a point to look for references to, and information about, the 356th FG. I told Bill I was now going to adopt the 303rd Bomb Group in that same way, in his honor. He seemed quite pleased. But, as always, he made it about everyone but himself. He said, "they're a great bunch of guys." Bill's last post was on the sixth of this month. A couple days prior, he posted that he had a kidney infection. Then, on the 17th, one of the forum admins got the message from Bill's oldest son that Bill had passed away the previous afternoon, at age 93. We were all pretty devastated at the news. In memory of 2nd Lt. Billy L. Runnels, 360th BS, 303rd BG(H), 1st Bombardment Division, 8th Air Force, US Army Air Forces. -Irish
  5. "Upcoming Events," in the upper right corner of the main Forums page, has the event starting at noon. NO NO NO! It starts at 11:00am, server time (US Central time). Be there! -Irish
  6. until

    It's not at 12:00pm. It starts at 11:00am, server time (US Central time). -Irish
  7. That was my thought. Perhaps someone from the Rats' Marketing Department should contact the folks at Cooler Master and see if they can test a unit to make sure, and get on the list of supported games. -Irish
  8. The Cooler Master CONTROLPAD Looks lovely! Will it work with the game, seeing as we can already put functions such as rudder, ailerons, elevators, steering wheel, and throttle on axes? Thoughts? -Irish
  9. Go into the Windows "Control Panel," then open "Sound." On the top, select the "Sounds" tab. Under Sound Scheme, select "No Sounds." That should prevent any of the Windows sounds. -Irish
  10. Yeah, but you shouldn't have to combine the number with the WW. It should show up either way. Typing World WarII doesn't make any sense, but I bet THAT would find it in the search. -Irish
  11. Sorry... That's the wrong link. He meant to post THIS one. -Irish
  12. I've killed a couple undamaged enemy planes with small arms, when no one else was firing at them. It's far from impossible. In fact, during the war, many British units had a couple bolt action rifles assigned to them, even when everyone had already transitioned to semiautomatic. The bolt action rifles were used as anti aircraft weapons against low flying ground attack aircraft. -Irish
  13. Oct 08 2017 14:38 kolbfitz (Heinkel) killed by Ryman...with a grease gun. -Irish
  14. I am definitely going to try to make it. Luvz ya like a brother, Ryan (Ryman), but as a dedicated Allied player, I will be gunning for you. All the little kiddies shall be crying, "Hauptmann Flammenwerfer ist kaput!" FEAR THE BEARD! -Irish
  15. At first, I entered the game name, and these suggestions popped up. Then, I hit enter for the actual search, and THIS is what I got. Would someone like to tell me how a search by "Relevance" gets Stardew Valley and NBA2K19 on my results page, yet the game I'm actually searching for BY NAME is nowhere to be found? I did it with the "II" in the name as ii, 2, and two, with the same results. Oh, and it's not one of the two titles which were excluded. As you can see, whatever two games that refers to aren't even good enough matches to compete with SCUM and Overcooked! 2 for a place on page one. Rats, someone had better get Steam straightened out. This is VERY likely costing you a lot of money, as people can't even find the game. -Irish