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  1. MOAR!!! Come on, folks. Hit those other websites and post on here! It takes just a few minutes of your time on sites you're already reading anyway. -Irish
  2. I SO wish! I'd love to take my sons and get them a touch of the old "warbird fever," but finances aren't good this year. *sob* -Irish
  3. On 2/19/2017 at 8:10AM, B2K said: I don't WANT an overlay. I want as small a column on the left side of my secondary monitor as possible. I believe TS has a similar overlay available, so no benefit. Not always. If we have all our squaddies on F4 but only a half dozen on an "ops" channel on TS (such as our TS channel "FB Busting Lancers"), we only want the players on THAT TS channel to get the text info. Otherwise, it's confusing and nobody knows who the message is for. Your reply includes a lot of "benefit" lines, but my post said "in-game benefit." Sure, there are a lot of benefits (tool belt), but not many of them are in-game benefits (hammer), which MUST be the overriding purpose of ingame communication. If our ingame communication becomes social media, it's taking away from the game itself to promote communication OUTSIDE the game. Also, if you have 20 friends on Steam and three of them play WWIIOL, what happens when you see eight or ten of your friends on another game? Are you more likely to get them to come to WWIIOL or are you more likely to leave the game to go play the game THEY'RE playing? Hint, it's the second one. Unless WWIIOL becomes THE game to play on Steam, where it can attract other players in droves, players already ingame are more likely to go elsewhere to play with their other clan mates if they see a number of them playing a different game. It's just human nature. -Irish
  4. R.I.P. Sevenedg! -Irish
  5. MaDeuce, let me know if you get any hits (PM me). I wouldn't mind some ingame training or some on the training server, from someone who knows what they're doing. I can fly in offline training mode all I want and never really get better. I've flown some escort missions for bombers, ingame, but haven't really DONE anything (or gotten any air XP) yet. -Irish
  6. No offense to anyone who likes it, but for me Discord is crizzap. I put my TS window on a secondary monitor, to the right of my main display. I can narrow it down to a single column, which I place on the left side of that screen, right next to the main (game) display. I can see who's talking, out of the corner of my eye and it leaves the rest of that monitor open for any other information, images, et cetera I want to have handy while ingame. With Discord, I have to have three columns on my display if I want to be able to see text chat, which takes up a larger part of my screen. That's TOTALLY stupid as the text chat is in the middle column, but Discord makes me expand the list of people online (right column) before I can expand text chat. There is also the "avatar" image showing next to every player's name in Discord. That's stupid! The images are too small to see anything on them. They have ZERO functionality. Yet they take up more room on my screen. Adding to that, I can't switch text to only get chat from the voice channel I'm on, so instead I have to see everyone's text, which is TOTALLY unnecessary and very distracting during my normal play. On TS, if I have a squaddie without a microphone, but who is listening, he can still send text messages only to folks on our voice channel, and we'll see them at the bottom of the column. I also can't "poke" or text chat with an individual player, from what I can tell. Goodbye to 100% of the ingame text chat functionality! It seems most of the benefits of Discord aren't ingame benefits for players. > Discord is 100% FREE. Great for Rats (big benefit, agreed), but no benefit to players, ingame. > Discord has no space limitations, our TS servers had maximum "slot" counts. Voice chat (TS3) is WAY under-utilized, as it is. Adding additional TS servers may not have even been needed, when the game was released on Steam. Besides, Steam has it's OWN voice chat, which most of the Steam users will be aware of. > Discord will help us keep players connected regardless of the other games you might play. Again, no ingame benefit for players. In fact, seeing friends connected to other games will be more likely to make players LEAVE WWIIOL to go play the other game with their friends than it will to bring players TO the game. > Discord is much easier to use and we have a whole support database supporting us. For the player, I can not see anything easier about Discord. I can see some missing functions, though, which TS3 has but Discord doesn't. > Discord is multiplatform (PC / Mac / iOS / Android / Linux) and even Browser (though limited in functionality). This could be a benefit for someone who has a slower computer, so hooks up their smart phone for ingame chat. Hope they have a good data plan. > Discord has web hook integrations, which will allow us to expand live campaign notifications to all platforms. Again, no ingame benefit for players. > With Discord, high command can let you know when a major campaign event is taking place. Again, no ingame benefit for players. Unless a significant number of players stay signed into Discord 100% of the time they're on their computers, this will likely make little difference. Email me at least a day before the event and I'll be MUCH more likely to get it. > With Discord, CRS can keep you in the loop with development updates more rapidly. Again, no ingame benefit for players. > Discord allows integrations like Twitch / Youtube and other services. Players can easily Stream / promote game. Again, no ingame benefit for players. > Screen share and video is coming, allowing you to share your activity with your squad and other players. Again, no ingame benefit for players. > There is a very simple text interface that connects the whole server together, no more isolation. Isolation is GOOD. Too much text chatter is BAD. Chatter for folks not on your voice channel is BAD. It distracts players and makes it impossible for a squaddie without a microphone to communicate important info ingame ONLY to his mates, such as location of enemies and planned squad ops (such as "truck leaving FB - need engineers"). > Active development and expansion into future technologies is underway. Again, no ingame benefit for players. > There is an integrated voice solution which we are investigating, potential tie in for in/out of game comms (NO PROMISES ON THIS!!!). Possible future benefit...but none at present. > "Playing other game" icon will allow us to gather new players via exposing our brand to other communities. Again, unless WWIIOL becomes THE game to play, this is more likely to draw players AWAY from the game than to the game. It seems as if we need a hammer. TS3 is a decent hammer. Discord is a tool belt. Sure, there's a hammer in there somewhere, but finding it, separating it from the rest of the tools, and carrying the weight of all the rest of the tools around all day leaves little actual benefit, ingame, for the users, where it has a number of potential drawbacks. Just my $.02... -Irish
  7. 1:23 - A collapsed parachute. It's strange they let that footage stay in there, seeing as that's not a very good image for their military, a guy very likely dying during a para drop. -Irish
  8. I just passed a note to Dagger (Marketing Team) the other day, about getting us back on For those who don't know, COMBATSIM is a website dedicated to mil-sim (military simulation) games. The last information they had about WWIIOL was six years old. Dagger will hopefully be getting all our latest news and some videos to their webmaster, so they can create readout link on their homepage. I started a thread in their forum as well. It would help if anyone who goes to could sign in and post something in the thread, so we can show some activity and generate interest. I also have a thread on the Star Citizen "Other Games" forum. If you're a member there, you can follow this link. >LINK< If anyone has any other suggestions as to websites, please post them here. If you post to one of the threads mentioned on here, let everyone know. Activity = Interest The more interest we can generate, the more new players we can bring in. Thanks! -Irish
  9. The best thing would be for the #2 crewman not to default to the bombardier station which prevents the pilot from switching to bombardier to drop the bombs. This would be an excellent way for new players to get a bit of air experience by flying as gunner for a few missions while the more experienced player flew the plane and dropped the bombs. The pilot -should- be able to man any position in the plane. However, in bombers with two-person cockpits (111s), the second crewman should be able to take over (as copilot) if the regular pilot has been killed. There ARE copilots in certain bombers for a reason. -Irish
  10. I'm a fan of the 3D Pro, myself. I own three of them. One I bought new and two I bought used from a thrift store. The used ones cleaned up and calibrated perfectly and are still working fine. The best thing about the 3D Pro is the ergonomics. You'll REALLY notice that after long missions. It also has good button number and placement. The thumb button is great to leave unmapped ingame and use for the TeamSpeak PTT (push to talk) hotkey. The drawback with the T1600M is the buttons. They wear out fast and break easily. There are also only three buttons on the stick itself, other than the trigger and hat switch, where the 3D Pro has five. If you don't want to take your hand off the stick, those other two come in very handy (pun intended). One thing... With any joystick, develop a light hand on the controls. If you slam it around, any stick will break more quickly. -Irish
  11. As far as the buttons go, use whatever your're comfortable with, for the functions. Map them in the keymapper, ingame. Personally, I use the thumb button (#2) for my PTT (push to talk) button on TeamSpeak. Just don't map it to any ingame commands, so there is no conflict. For deadzones, when mapping the control curve ingame, give a bit of a deadzone at the beginning, maybe 3-5 percent, for X and Y axes. Give a bit less, but still some, for the rotational Z axis (rudder). That way, as you move your arm from the shoulder, you don't get unintentional control input if you push the stick a bit off-center as you're moving it around. If your arm was coming out of the middle of your chest, it wouldn't be such an issue, but it isn't. SO, we tend to push things a bit askew as we're moving them forward/backward, and left/right. Extreme 3D Pro FTW! -Irish
  12. I'd be interested. -Irish
  13. A while ago, we had some posts on this thread: LINK to let folks know where we had posted information about the game, to try to get new players to give us a try. Well, I got one more. This one is on LINK Their last information about WWIIOL looks to be about SIX YEARS old! If anyone else has posted on a forum or such, promoting the game, give a shout here. That way, if other players visit the same site, they can post in support and agreement, hopefully adding to the interest generated. -Irish
  14. (Please pardon the placement of this. I wanted to keep it on the general board so the FTP players could see it too, rather than posting on the Hangar forum.) I was browsing WWII photos online the other day, something I do frequently. I noticed something about the US Army Air Corps pilot wings (uniform pins). It seems there are variants with letters on the shield, standing for different specialties. There is L for liaison pilot, G for glider pilot, et cetera. I know how dedicated some sim pilots are, yet there is nothing but this piece of garbage to show on a jacket or hat. That is lame beyond words. SO, I thought why not do a true pilot wings pin, but superimpose the letter V for virtual pilot. Rather than a plain background on the shield, I thought to keep the actual shield pattern of the pilot pin, adding the letter to that. I may have a line on someone who can do a 3D scan of an actual WWII pin then add the V to the image. He also has access to a commercial quality (MUCH better than home unit) 3D printer. If these can be produced cheaply enough, either in silver metallic plastic, silver metal (pewter or stainless), or both, would anyone be interested in them? This would NOT be a money-making enterprise. There would be a charge to cover the cost of making and mailing the pin only. -Irish
  15. A note about the cfml file. It opens a LOT better in Windows WordPad than it does in NotePad. It retains its format in WordPad where Notepad just shows it as a jumble of commands with no line feeds. -Irish