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  1. This. Congratulations on fifteen years! -Irish
  2. In a couple different locations, the Allied "Air Force Medal" is misspelled "Metal." Just so you know. -Irish
  3. Here's a bit of the backstory. The full movie is also on Vimeo. The link is in the comments of this video. -Irish
  4. The glossary has brigade wrong. Brigade has always been abbreviated "BDE." "Brig" is shorthand for a Brigadier General. -Irish
  5. Smile for the camera, Szyporyn! Thank you. -Irish
  6. Saw this name in another game, not here (unfortunately). Chris P. Bacon Maybe they're cousins. -Irish
  7. (NOTE: I would put this in Off Topic, but I want the non Premium subscription players to have a chance to answer it too.) What is your favorite type of character to play, in a "heroic fantasy" setting? Feel free to expound on your choice with any reasons or anecdotes. -Irish
  8. I think I recognize him. I saw him in some of the pictures from the 1936 Olympics. He lost to Jesse Owens, though. -Irish
  9. I HOPE Xoom isn't referring to the cigar conversation going on in here, although the ingame animation -would- have me laughing WAY too hard and likely falling out of my chair. -Irish
  10. Feature: FBs/supply depots without fixed locations (current FB model/current "supply tents" model so no new objects needed ingame) can be placed anywhere there is enough room (flat area) will allow supply to "move through" them to increase supply to a town or area (supply depot = supplies and FB = transportation for supplies) must be protected or percentage of area supply (nearest town/towns) will be lost larger supply depots can supply more equipment - needed when multiple units moved into area Fix: Expand air game - increase number/type of aircraft and mission types ingame (later tier bombers/new bombers/new fighters/cargo planes(?)) more roles (escort fighter/fighter-bomber/fast (tactical) bomber (aka German schnellbomber JU-88/Me-410 and British Mosquito)/heavy (strategic) bomber) with WWIIOL's physics-based system, realistic flight models will bring more flight sim enthusiasts into the game cargo flights can increase equipment (small arms) in towns running short of supply My 2¢ -Irish
  11. This! This! Oh, by the ghods, THIS! Merlin, you just won the internets. -Irish
  12. *points up to Marti's post* What he said. -Irish
  13. Still need a reply from Mosquito on the Community Report interview. Thanks! -Irish
  14. Still need a reply from Bierbaer about the Community Report interview. Thanks! -Irish
  15. I had some thoughts about missions. 1) Eliminate the population graph. Don't show anyone which missions are "busiest." 2) HC sets the order of the missions on the list. Put the important AOs/DOs at the top, in the same way threads get "stickied" on forums. 3) Make it mandatory for each player (below a certain rank?) to communicate on the "Mission" channel before spawning in. No chattie, no shootie. I don't know what happened to the flight training, but it never was actual flight training. It was starting, taxiing, and using the controls. I would LOVE to see at least that much put back into training, as an option, along with armor and naval training. -Irish