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  1. I believe the rank and equipment system are shared across both servers. If given access to all equipment on Training, the players would also get all the equipment on the Campaign server. -Irish
  2. Thanks for the input. I hope this will become a priority, at some point. I know there are a lot of flight simmers out there who would LOVE to get into a game where they can strafe, bomb, and dogfight, all against live targets on a map this size. Getting them into WWIIOL would be huge. The flight model would be key to this. If they get ingame and can't fly as they can in any number of other sims, they won't stay. -Irish
  3. *sound of crickets* And there are no words. -Irish
  4. Do you have Discord? If you do, get into the Lancers channel. We'd be glad to have you, even if it's just long enough for you to find your way around and get with some past comrades. If you don't, we'd still love to have you. PM Martigan and he'll get you hooked up. -Irish
  5. From this page, on the Wayback Machine (internet archive): https://web.archive.org/web/20080226205614/http://www.playnet.com:80/scripts/wwiionline/be_info.jsp ...this text. "Battleground Europe™- The Virtual Battlefield Series™ - Volume One Volume one in The Virtual Battlefield Series, Battleground Europe features the armies, vehicles, weapons and equipment found on the battlefields of Western Europe 1939-1942." Wow... Volume one and only through 1942. Things really have changed. But they're only getting better from here on. Keeping my fingers crossed for volume two! -Irish
  6. Do you have a USB game pad, such as on a PS 3? Even that would be much better than a mouse. If you're in the US, try GameStop or Walmart.com. They should have them cheap. -Irish
  7. I've found another MASSIVE advantage Luftwaffe pilots have. Actually, I knew of it for quite some time but have documented it with multiple planes in offline practice mode. Having flown some in other flight sims, I've noticed a disturbing attribute most planes have here. It's almost impossible to do a knife-edge (wings perpendicular to the ground) turn. In RL, knife edge passes and turns are staples of air shows and the knife edge turn is still the quickest way to bring a plane around, into a turning fight. Normally, a pilot would (aileron) roll left or right 90 degrees from level flight, then (for the turn) yank the stick all the way back. Opposite rudder is used to keep the plane's nose up. There is a tendency for the plane to want to roll out of the turn with the rudder input, so a bit of opposite aileron is used to balance it out. It's a really simple maneuver, but one most planes are incapable of, here ingame. They either roll out of the turn or (with even the slightest rudder input to balance it) nose over toward the ground then begin to flop back and forth when opposite control input is used to try to bring the plane back under control. In WWIIOL, there is only one plane which can do it with any reliability, the 109. Every single variant of the 109 can easily do multiple knife edge circles over an airfield without ever leaving the field's boundaries. Some of the Spits can do "pretty well," but you have to let the nose dip below the horizon and bring it back up further around the circle. The P-38s are good for about one full circle before they go wonky. Most other Allied fighters as well as the FW 190 can't do knife edge turns for shizzit. I noticed the one plane which had the aerodynamics audit, a while back, is the one plane which can easily perform this simple maneuver. Can we get this looked into? As an Allied pilot, it's annoying to not be able to roll and yank the stick back, which is a standard of air combat, especially when I know the guy on my six, in the 109, can do it with no problem if I get on HIS tail. EDIT: Before anyone asks, I have the sensitivity turned WAY down on my rudder, to keep from using too much input, so that's not an issue. In other sims, and in the 109 here, I can slide in and out of knife edge turns with no effort at all, so it's not that I don't know how to do it. Plus, these were the first times I've ever flown the 109 here, so it's not a question of familiarity. -Irish
  8. When you have a higher tier campaign such as this one, unless I miss my guess, most vets will likely be flying Spits (British) or 38s (French) if they're heading into a furball. It's still a pretty big clue to the Axis pilots. -Irish
  9. When all you can see is a red circle, the 109s' color schemes aren't visible. When the red circle appears for the Axis pilots, they can instantly see Hawk or Hurricane. That's when decisions are made about who to engage. Hence the advantage. -Irish
  10. I was thinking about the new players, coming in with Steam memberships, who start flying for the Axis. They're entering as greenies, with access to only basic equipment. They start in 109s. However, there are FIVE different marks of the 109 in use. The Allied pilots have no way to know which 109s are which. On the Allied side, however, the planes new pilots start with are easily recognized in the air, as they're either Hawks or Hurries. It's not hard for Axis pilots to smell fresh meat and take advantage of the situation. What if the 109s were marked by model as well as type of aircraft? The same could be done for other planes, such as Spits and P-40s, which have more than one model ingame. The issue isn't as pressing on the Allied side however, as those flying Spits and P-40s at least have leveled up to use them, so aren't total rookie pilots. -Irish
  11. /signed -Irish
  12. I agree with the keymapper part, big time. The FIRST thing in the first tutorial should be to open and view the keymapper, so people can customize control inputs to match what they use for other games. That will instantly make the game a LOT easier and more familiar for them. I do like the idea of having a short video or something, when they log into the training area for the first time, showing them how to find AOs and DOs and how to spawn into an origin point versus an FMS. -Irish
  13. I'm of the opinion that resupply timers should never be lower than 12 hours, for any reason. If the population is higher, increase the base supply the same amount or more, so there is plenty of equipment for everyone, but don't shorten resupply. If there is 20 of x type of weapon when the brigade is at full supply, and the ingame population has increased 4x, make the full supply 80 or even 100 of that type of weapon to compensate. The reason for that is this is a combined arms game. There is a strategic bombing component to this game, on purpose. Shortening resupply may be good for retaining new infantry/armor players, but it ruins part of the air game and drives away anyone who might want to fly bombers. With higher numbers, when units are at full supply, the ground game is taken care of and the RDP game still has the chance to make a difference. -Irish
  14. I spawned into the tutorial area a few times immediately after the Steam N/S America launch. It was a Keystone Cops movie, with guys going everywhere and shooting everything...doing everything EXCEPT what they were supposed to be doing on the tutorial. Then, these same guys complain the tutorial takes too long. The problem isn't the tutorial, it's the intelligence level of the gamers. This is a thinking person's game and retains mainly the most intelligent players. To expect that to change with the Steam release is unrealistic. If they're kids who like quick shoot-em-ups and don't give a Cornered Rat's azz (See what I did there?) about actually playing a strategic role in an ongoing campaign, we couldn't retain them no matter what we did. Let's take our 10% or 20% or whatever of the new Steam players and call it a success. As it's out over time and attracts more of that type of player, the word will spread and we'll get better numbers. Oh, and regarding the graphics... The two games my boys play the MOST are Minecraft and Roblox. Minecraft Roblox Those are the two games with perhaps the LEAST realistic graphics in the world, yet they're both insanely popular. I believe, as with most of US, once the new players get used to the gameplay, the graphics will no longer be anywhere near as important. -Irish
  15. http://forums.wwiionline.com/forums/forum/42-deutschsprachiges-forum/ Welcome to the game! -Irish