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  1. Nine hours ago, it was announced intermission would be "at least the next 24 hours." Those players who took the day off to be with their families, knowing they would have no reason to log in until tomorrow, might be more than a bit upset at missing day one of the new campaign because they were lied to. If you're going to make a decision and announce it officially, stick with it. This is not the first time this has happened. This isn't even the first time it's happened recently. -Irish
  2. My kids don't even get tomorrow off from school. It's not like it used to be. When I was in school (in the stone age) we had Lincoln's birthday on the 12th and Washington's birthday on the 22nd, both as school holidays. -Irish
  3. On the other hand, that gives a lot of FreePlay players time to play with all the good toys during THEIR time off, so they might be more motivated to subscribe. -Irish
  4. This needs to be posted to Headquarters News Feed, so people see it who don't have much time to read the boards. It gets buried on the normal fora. If it went out as an email (massmail), that would be a good thing as well. -Irish
  5. It's actually been done several times. -Irish
  6. It's a PPB (player-placed bush). -Irish
  7. This photo is on this webpage. https://www.pinterest.fr/peterappsusanne/panzerjäger-truppen/ The caption reads, "Lt. Karl-Heinz Noak. Zugf. en el 2./Pz.Jäg.Abt. 46. RK. 5.8.1940. EL." RK = Knight's Cross? 5.8.1940 = 5 August 1940? For what it's worth... -Irish
  8. It was advertised as an "at least 24 hours" intermission. Is it my imagination or did it not quite live up to that? With tankbusters just added, many pilots would no doubt like to fly the other side's new hardware before going back to war. I know a lot of folks want to get right back into a new campaign, but others, especially some of the newer players, like being able to play with -all- the toys for a bit longer, especially when most of the intermission came over a Sunday evening and weekday/work day. It seems it would help in player retention to give newer players a bit more time with the "good stuff." -Irish
  9. Like I tell everyone, my wife and I were each paying $15/mo to play the game Horizons: Empire of Istaria, 14 years ago. Then, for over eight years, from 2004 to 2012, I paid $15/mo to play City of Heroes. $15/mo is just not that much anymore. It was the standard game subscription price many years ago, when movie tickets were $5. Now, tickets are almost $10. You'll likely pay over $20 if you go to a movie and buy refreshments (popcorn and a soft drink). For less than the price of two hours of entertainment, you get a month's worth of 24/7 gaming. How is that not "valuable enough" to be worth $15. It boggles the mind how many people want something for nothing (or nearly so). -Irish
  10. Fixed that for ya! -Irish
  11. -Irish
  12. Ghillie Suit - You're Doing It Right Gilley Suit - You're Doing It Wrong (Mickey Gilley, duh!) Jus' sayin'... -Irish
  13. +1 Great idea! -Irish
  14. Lou Pohl? I know him. He's a dishonest tax attorney. (Disclaimer: I do NOT actually know someone named Lou Pohl who is a dishonest tax attorney. This was a wordplay on the word "loophole" and was not meant to cast any aspersions on the honesty of anyone actually named Louis Pohl or any variation thereof. Thank you for your kind indulgence.) (damned legal disclaimers) -Irish
  15. The only person currently sporting a 17th Bomb Group squad tag (that I know of) is doc1168. In addition, AirSlayr88 and forrest have opened up recruiting in the Dambusters for bomber pilots. I'm sure any of them could point you in the right direction. As far as your PC, this game is not very resource intensive. In fact, it runs better on one or two cores than it does on four, as it's still on the old game engine. Find yourself a cheap joystick and plug it into the computer you have now. Try it first on offline practice mode, where you can load in any unit, and see what kind of performance you get. I've found joysticks, which still worked perfectly, in thrift stores and flea markets, for very little money. You might be ingame a lot sooner than you thought. And welcome back! -Irish