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  1. ImDed, kick its arse! I just saw a video from a cancer researcher speaking about stage four cancer. She said, "It used to be a death sentence. Now, it's just a diagnosis." Treatments are getting better every day. You have our permission to make cancer your beyotch and roll over it like a tank over a row of bushes being used as an infantry ant trail. -Irish
  2. How long is the WBS going to be in effect, so we can get the word out? -Irish
  3. Sorry...meant to type He 111 and typed Me 110 in error. Fixed. Wiki still shows 2000 kg vs 944 kg bomb loads. -Irish
  4. ROTFLMAO!!! In anything much after tier 0, Axis tanks blow the crap out of most Allied tanks at distances where the Allied tanks might as well be spitting at their enemies. The Axis has the FlaK. 36 (the 88). Just what Allied ATG is better than that? The Axis' He 111 is slower than the Allied bombers but carries more than twice the bomb load, which is the entire point of a bomber. The Axis has the Stuka, the best dive bomber in the game. Shall I continue? -Irish
  5. -Irish
  6. From the gang behind the weekly World War II series ( http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP1AejCL4DA7jYkZAELRhHQ ), there is now the chance to help with their research and more! This takes the series up another notch. Get out those dusty stacks of Grandpa's letters and pictures, from the war! -Irish
  7. Look again. He's using the WWIIOL video to recruit for a game called Warfare 1944. That's the game he has the Steam link for in the description of his WWIIOL video. Nice little stab in the back, innit? AND, that's the ONLY WWIIOL video he EVER did. He liked the game so much he never came back. Oh, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUH... I just saw Warfare 1944. If ANYONE EVER complains about WWIIOL's graphics, show them this! -Irish
  8. Personally, I would love to see open beta set -between- campaigns, AS intermission. Even if it was just for part of the test period, it would get everyone involved and provide more feedback than just a few players taking time away from the campaign will do. I don't think many players would balk at moving the game forward by helping test the new system, and the beta test will get higher player numbers, which should help debug it that much faster. That also keeps a large number of players on one side from skipping the beta in favor of moving the map their way, in the live campaign, thereby rolling the map just to put another one in the win column for their side. Just my thoughts... -Irish
  9. That's exactly what a LOT of the Brits thought, especially when Polish pilots started returning with pieces of exploded German planes imbedded in theirs, from being so close to the explosions. -Irish
  10. That would be a WESTERN Poland expansion. A bit later, we could have Polish pilots start to spawn in with the RAF, but then there would have to be a way to simulate those crazy-azz, fearless mofos ingame. -Irish
  11. Oh this! Yes indeed. I would find some money in the couch cushions if necessary to get something like this. Perhaps we could have a choice of two or three base paint schemes, then the ability to choose the fuselage code. That would be great. -Irish
  12. As a bit of a USAAF/Air Corps history geek, the US planes leave a lot to be desired. The P-38 has full invasion stripes, which were only used for one month. The upper part of the fuselage and top of the wings then had the stripes removed in July of '44 and the stripes were entirely phased out by the end of the year. The P-38F, which is what these are supposed to be, was replaced by the G model in early '43, and the J model in August '43. The F wasn't even in service during the time invasion stripes were used. The P-40 has the 325th Fighter Group's "checkertail" markings, but the 325th NEVER flew P-40s in Europe. They never flew any missions against mainland Europe (Italy) while using the P-40, then transitioned to the P-47 before flying missions FROM Italy. Plus, the US roundel used (with red outline) is one which was only used for two and a half months during 1943. It would have been better for both planes to have plain green or green (upper)/gray (lower) paint schemes. These points may seem minor, but they are points against the historical nature of the game. Just my 2¢.... -Irish
  13. I've seen those too. I have it on good authority they aren't real tanks, though. -Irish
  14. Well, part of the reason was he posted his request for help on Bearded Mitch's YouTube channel, NOT the CRS channel. This was back in April. Was Mitch even with CRS back then? I don't think so, as his first video on the CRS channel was the end of August, less than four months ago. If he asked in any official forum, on Steam, or on the CRS YouTube channel, I would bet he'd get help. Asking in someone's private channel isn't the best way to get results. -Irish
  15. Not unless it can fly. Remember, Xoom said "WWII Online is about to get a big Christmas present this year, which will include several new vehicles both on the ground and in the air..." So far, none of the tanks in the 12 Days can fly, so that leaves only Day 12 for the "in the air" part. -Irish