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  1. THREAD REZ!!! I know it's unrealistic to expect changes like this anytime soon, but it would be SWEET to see a lot of these ideas implemented. -Irish
  2. I was in the ROTC program. I remember, once I was walking through campus and my instructor grabs me, and he’s a real big guy, and yells, “It’s been six weeks since I’ve seen you in camouflage class!” I said, “I’m getting good.” -Emo Philips -Irish
  3. Even though I LOVE blowing up FBs, I like the idea of random locations or a side having to place them. The idea that, when a town is going to be contested, your side can automatically have a base near the town from which to stage is somewhat silly. Blow up the enemy's FB and elves suddenly stop making shoes, come out of the trees, and build you a FB (out of gratitude?). Really? It would also give recon something more to do, both ground and air. -Irish
  4. PLAYERS, you can help out at SimHQ as well. Go onto their forums and keep our threads bumped to the top. Give your experiences. Post screenies. Tell stories. Offer bribes. Well, maybe no bribes, but all the other stuff! Here are the threads I started, in two of their forums. RTS/Historical Strategy Thread WWII Air Combat Thread Thanks! -Irish
  5. To New Players: The Lancers were MY host squad, when I joined the game, let them...err...us be yours! The Lancers are consistently at the top of the Allied stats, when it comes to getting things done. You -can- text chat (type) on the squad channel ingame, but it's ALWAYS better to hear voice comms. Get on the Lancers' Discord channel, even if you don't have a microphone. You can hear the conversation and reply via ingame text, if necessary. If you're looking for an Allied squad, we'd love to have you, be you brand new player or grizzled vet. Come visit our forum in the Squads section or jump on Allied Discord and enter the Lancers' channel. We're not hard to find. -Irish
  6. I've never wanted (or needed) to use an expensive, high DPI mouse. My hand and arm aren't precise enough to stop a mouse on a certain 1/400 of an inch. Why would I think having that same inch divided into over 3000 parts would make my aim any better? If you use Windows, you can make a shortcut to your "Mouse Settings" function, and stick it on your desktop. If you don't have a pointer speed adjustment button (behind the scroll wheel) on your mouse, you can still change the pointer speed relatively quickly using the Mouse Settings. -Irish
  7. Just watch out for the 109s. They recently got an audit and lost a lot of the poor handling characteristics they weren't supposed to have in the first place. -Irish
  8. If you're using Windows, there is a "Mouse Settings" section in the Control Panel. You can adjust the settings in there. Will that do what you need? I currently have a shortcut to that function on my desktop. It comes in very handy, sometimes. -Irish
  9. I know not all these suggestions are currently possible, but at least a couple of them are. Many of the rest -should- be, whenever possible. The idea of air recon finding an enemy staging area (first two pictures), followed by a tank column supported by air and infantry heading out and attacking that area, makes me all warm and bloodthirsty...err...fuzzy inside. -Irish
  10. Noice! I never have liked ABs anyway. Fighting over an arbitrary location such as that has never seemed to me as adding to game play. It's the same way I feel about CPs. There were never any certain buildings which needed to be captured to capture a town. The defending side should get to assign several random points in the town, which the attacker does not know about in advance, as capture points. In that way, we have true house to house fighting. To own the town, the attacker would have to capture pretty much the entire town. -Irish
  11. It looks like Tuesday will still be intermission. You picked a great time! Free practice to shake the rust off. Welcome back! If the 101st doesn't want you the Lancers most certainly do. -Irish
  12. Actually, it's currently CDT not CST. Daylight Saving Time is in effect until 2am on November 5th. -Irish
  13. Crap! That means I'm 111100 years old. I thought it hurt more to get out of bed lately. -Irish
  14. Ditto what Chimm and Birdman26 said. Talk about a necessary yet totally thankless job, GMing has to be one. I offer my heartfelt gratitude to all the GMs. The game couldn't run without you. -Irish
  15. Well, we each have an "attachment limit," an allocation of storage space, which shows on this page. http://forums.wwiionline.com/forums/attachments/ In the signature block, you have the option to add an existing attachment rather than an outside image. SO, does anyone know how to create an attachment to store in your profile, which I presume could then be used as your signature image? -Irish