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  1. "Upcoming Events," in the upper right corner of the main Forums page, has the event starting at noon. NO NO NO! It starts at 11:00am, server time (US Central time). Be there! -Irish
  2. until

    It's not at 12:00pm. It starts at 11:00am, server time (US Central time). -Irish
  3. That was my thought. Perhaps someone from the Rats' Marketing Department should contact the folks at Cooler Master and see if they can test a unit to make sure, and get on the list of supported games. -Irish
  4. The Cooler Master CONTROLPAD Looks lovely! Will it work with the game, seeing as we can already put functions such as rudder, ailerons, elevators, steering wheel, and throttle on axes? Thoughts? -Irish
  5. Go into the Windows "Control Panel," then open "Sound." On the top, select the "Sounds" tab. Under Sound Scheme, select "No Sounds." That should prevent any of the Windows sounds. -Irish
  6. Yeah, but you shouldn't have to combine the number with the WW. It should show up either way. Typing World WarII doesn't make any sense, but I bet THAT would find it in the search. -Irish
  7. Sorry... That's the wrong link. He meant to post THIS one. -Irish
  8. I've killed a couple undamaged enemy planes with small arms, when no one else was firing at them. It's far from impossible. In fact, during the war, many British units had a couple bolt action rifles assigned to them, even when everyone had already transitioned to semiautomatic. The bolt action rifles were used as anti aircraft weapons against low flying ground attack aircraft. -Irish
  9. Oct 08 2017 14:38 kolbfitz (Heinkel) killed by Ryman...with a grease gun. -Irish
  10. I am definitely going to try to make it. Luvz ya like a brother, Ryan (Ryman), but as a dedicated Allied player, I will be gunning for you. All the little kiddies shall be crying, "Hauptmann Flammenwerfer ist kaput!" FEAR THE BEARD! -Irish
  11. At first, I entered the game name, and these suggestions popped up. Then, I hit enter for the actual search, and THIS is what I got. Would someone like to tell me how a search by "Relevance" gets Stardew Valley and NBA2K19 on my results page, yet the game I'm actually searching for BY NAME is nowhere to be found? I did it with the "II" in the name as ii, 2, and two, with the same results. Oh, and it's not one of the two titles which were excluded. As you can see, whatever two games that refers to aren't even good enough matches to compete with SCUM and Overcooked! 2 for a place on page one. Rats, someone had better get Steam straightened out. This is VERY likely costing you a lot of money, as people can't even find the game. -Irish
  12. Welcome to "the Good Guys"™. Have a cookie. -Irish
  13. The 325th only flew P-40s from North Africa, when they were assigned to the 12th Air Force. They did participate in attacks on Sicily (ending on 17 August '43) and Sardinia, but those were from their base at Mateur, Tunisia. The group did not participate in "the Salerno Operation" (starting 9 September '43). During that time, the 325th was only flying missions against the island of Sardinia. That ended on 21 September '43 when the group stood down for resupply and training with their new P-47s. The VERY FIRST mission the 325th flew against any target on mainland Europe was the first one they flew with their new P-47s, on 14 December '43, after having been assigned to the 15th Air Force. This is from the official website of the 325th FG, 325fg.org, on webpages archived under the domain name checkertails.org. Having generic USAAF markings for the plane does make a lot more sense than tying it to one particular fighter group which wasn't even in the 8th Air Force, the primary USAAF command in the European campaign. The P-40 ingame is, in every sense, a placeholder for the P-47, which is what most US fighter groups used when they arrived in the ETO. The paint scheme for either, at the time, was a standard green top with either green or gray underside, depending on time and location. The roundel would vary with the time of the war, as in this diagram. Actually, it would make more sense to have the first US planes be Spitfires, as the "Eagle Squadrons" of the 4th Fighter Group still flew their RAF Spitfires from the end of September '42 until January of '43, when they received their P-47s. If I'm not mistaken, they were the first operational US fighter group in the 8th Air Force. -Irish
  14. When you get to the persona selection screen, select what you want to be. At the moment, British or French doesn't matter, as both see all Allied missions. Just pick your side and either Army, Air Force, or Navy. Then click "Select Brigade" in the lower right. You will be taken directly to the "Active Battles" tab, which will show all missions for that type of character. If you go air force or navy and see no missions, that means your side doesn't have any of that type mission running, currently. If you go army and see a mission with an airplane icon to the left, that means it's a paratroop mission. Missions in tan are attack missions and those in green are defense missions. The ones with the highest population will be at the top and will have correspondingly more color on their "Activity" bar graph. Click on the one you want to join, then click "Mission Briefing" in the lower right of your screen. From there, you will have tabs to see who is in the mission and what equipment they're using, as well as the available supplies you have to choose from. Pick your equipment then "Enter World" at the lower right of your screen. Have fun! -Irish
  15. Although I missed today's Rat Chat live, I watched it on YouTube and had some thoughts. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Seeing as I didn't see a thread for this yet, here we go! Flight Model Audit - All planes should be done ASAP. It DRASTICALLY changed the 109s controllability, making 109s MUCH easier to control for new pilots. Although I don't fly Axis, I do know that several Allied planes still suffer from "the flop." That should be dealt with, as soon as it can. As an "LTAP," I speak from experience. It will improve and grow the air game when the planes don't break the laws of physics, uncontrollably bouncing back and forth, 30 degrees each way, in a fraction of a second. With ALL marks of the 109, the Axis' primary fighter, already done, that's quite an advantage in drawing new pilots to the Axis side. United States P-40F - Please do NOT use the markings for the 325th Fighter Group, "The Checkertail Clan." They ONLY flew their P-40s in North Africa, NEVER in Europe. Please choose a more generic paint job. Bunkers - Interior walls should be dark, especially behind "murder holes." Light walls show defenders' darker uniforms too much, as they use the murder holes. They should allow a certain amount of "hiding in the shadows" to simulate the ability for soldiers to minimize their visibility behind the holes. Thanks! -Irish