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  1. They have different sturcture though and handle data differently, no? Just wondered if they worked better/same/worse with BGE
  2. I was just curious if server chip setups power through this game very well since it is so chip biased.
  3. I play to have fun, and am having a blast with SAMCRO guys. Come join us, even if just for a flight or two.
  4. Im running on a G72x at the moment, not great but not that bad. I have no tips though, but your system is better than mine.
  5. Can someone using multiple monitors let me know which direction to start here? This concept is new to me, I avoided it in the past because of limited desk space. Im ready now for a sick PC setup and I want to have 3 monitors. I prefer nVidia cards but so far it seems that AMD has cards ready for 3 monitors? Can I SLI 2 nVidias and run 3 monitors that way? Does this game even support the additional view angle?
  6. Do Pittsburgh and ill go lol
  7. I just re-subbed for a month, and can not get the FTP are nor use the Downloads area link to get the game to my HD. =( Is there some magic place to get it?
  8. OK whew, I was worried =) As always, Thanks man.
  9. I dont have one! Is this normal? THis is from my netcheck file: Name: nForce4 HyperTransport Bridge Device ID: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_005E&SUBSYS_1C12147B&REV_A3\3&2411E6FE&0&00 Driver: n/a
  10. I has not created the ww2olerror file yet, since fresh install I did on the weekend.
  11. Abit A8N I just downloaded, again, the installer and ran it last night. I Really like the 3dguru optimized 3D drivers, they netted me 30 FPS. I had the CTD with older drivers and with these optimized ones, so I dont think the problem was with those. THe mainboard ones, perhaps. I am in hell. I cant complete but 1 in 7 (literally) missions.
  12. ..all of which is strange because I have run the mainboard driver install like 3 times. Also, the 3D drivers in that dx file are modified, downloaded from 3Dguru, and the CTD occurred even when I was running older divers suggested elsewhere. I've changed 3D drivers roughly 4 times. =/ Im going to work on the mainboard drivers now. Again.
  13. Thanks. =)
  14. It isnt the card, but the driver. Either use an older driver (newest one yields this problem with water) or get a modified version. There are some options on 3dguru. I use the optimzed driver and I love it, so far.