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  1. Imagine this scenario: Brit brigade attacks German brigade for a few hours but supply runs low so they stop AO and switch town to French. Meanwhile the German brigade is still depleted and won't be resupplied by lost units for over 12 hours. Seems to me like a town should only be able to switch countries within the first 10 minutes of capture or X amount of hours after a DO or AO has been turned off which linked said town. X being whatever the default resupply timer is. Will there also be a system in place so there is always a minimum or percentage of towns from a country?
  2. I am talking about Tier 3, the same that started this map and would hopefully be around for all maps. Axis armor in Inf Brigades: 10 StuG IIIG & 4 StuG H42 - no turrets or machine guns and the Axis figured out before 1944 that TD's needed mg's on them, see pic below with the mg guard on a StuG IIIG. French armor in Inf Brigades: 10 M-10, 6 Sherman75, & 8 Stuarts I'm leaving out the R-35's, Pan & 232's, and axis don't even have regular or DLC pz2c's One side can suppress infantry and other soft units very effectively and one cannot without including an armored brigade on the attack or defense, which just isn't feasible. There is nothing red vs blue or historically accurate about it. I don't think Inf and Armor brigades should be too interchangeable at all. In fact I'm up for eliminating basically all armor from Inf brigades but that's probably not gonna happen. The R-35 only French tank? When did that exist? Tier 0 French armor is no picnic but it only last a week or so of the map. It's certainly no worse than facing Matty's, the tanks that can kill infantry by the dozens with an mg, even the sappers!
  3. Curious as to whether one side having armor without turrets and machine guns in 1944 fits the 'historical' or red vs blue argument?
  4. You are not understanding the problem. Allies can counter an Axis armor brigade with their own, a player created challenge. Axis infantry brigades do not have the same armor capabilities, or even numbers for that matter, as an Allied infantry brigade. This is not a player created challenge and there are not enough armor brigades to overcome it. FYI: Axis infantry brigades armor consist of 10 StuG IIIG's, 4 StuG H42's, and 4 232's.
  5. This appears to be the only recent video I can't get HD even with the settings menu. Most, if not all the others I checked default to HD.
  6. Allies switching country supply looks very gamey. You said they can't do it if it's linked to an AO but what if that AO is dropped? Allies can just swap country ownership and have full supply and then re-AO the town? Can you make a new mission in the town without having to leave it like you do with brigades currently? Because that is beyond frustrating. 480p for the videos? Come on man it's 2019.
  7. Just attack a German town that only has Infantry brigade as defense since they currently don't have mg equipped tanks.
  8. Your argument would have some validity if the map started with Axis holding 50% of the towns at the start of the map. The truth is that either side can win if they cap an addition 40% of the map at the start. You're also ignoring the near impossibility that invading England would be if there were any semblance of a population in this game, particularly in TZ3.
  9. Have you tried running WWIIOL with the right click 'run as administrator' option? This allows me to use the auto updater.