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  1. In the other thread people discussed the accuracy of aircraft stress modelling with the accuracy of the Stg44 implementation. This got me thinking. Aircraft stress modelling (or a lack thereof) wasn't one of the things that drove people away. However, if added, will it get more people to stick around in the air? And most importantly, what impact will it have on ground players? Overall, will it make the game better as a whole? Or perhaps more fun for both air and ground? Don't care about accuracy or realism. Just speaking from a fun standpoint. Making for better gameplay and player retention. Discuss..
  2. Did you see the smiley face I made using the new waypoints? It was for you cutie
  3. How does Mr. Third Post here get all caps without being a rat and I cannot even get another 10 "3"s at the end of my name? P.S. In a completely unrelated topic to this thread, I like this idea of having a toggle key
  4. Surprisingly, so many ideas would be genuinely helpful if there was no scope for it being misused. As people will consequently point out, this idea has a lot of potential for being misused. *Log in 2nd account to other side, see where efms is without even having to spawn in, vanish like a fart in the wind, go flank around into perfect spot to camp or take down efms. Voila. Forum riot. New feature reversal. How many people actually do spy vs the number of perceived spies is a different discussion, but they do exist. It would be a new addition that would make it easier to do the above-stated as opposed to the current mechanism. At present, at least when someone spawns in, and immediately despawns or sits at FMS, it is cause to grow suspicious and stick around and guard it. Could be a newb, afk dude or actual spy, but it can be a warning sign. With what you presented, someone could drop-in, check FMS location, and bail back to their side without any warning. Hence, no. Edit: Maybe this can be added if CRS decide to add password protected missions or squad missions. I'd be down for that. Although, previous suggestions of such mission have resulted in them getting their knickers in a twist, so... Edit edit: Love of the MS Paint skills btw. Certainly better than Chief. Edit edit edit: Urgh! I called it "MS Paint" like the ancient farts that started this joke on TGTCWTF. Shame! Edit edit edit edit: To those wondering, no, I am not am crack hoe
  5. Time for you to take up flying... Here, I'll make you an offer. If you can get 50 a2a kills in a fighter this map, I'll resub and contribute to Allied TZ3 defence everyday...
  6. Wait till CRS finally puts in North Africa. Then plonk em in there One can go there on his motorcycle, while the other one chutes in with their parachuting dog
  7. Despite all the ideas being thrown around, everyone knows what the real solution is. Potthead and potthead2 play Axis, while potthead3 and potthead4 play Allied. There! All TZ3 problems fixed!
  8. This is why the Devs need to realize this and focus more on the vehicles. Naval combat, air combat and tonk combat if done correctly in this game's setting can be a winner. Dunno where I read this but I did somewhere on these forums across the years. Basically, focusing on infantry gameplay and even adding infantry weapons is like CRS polishing a turd. No matter how much work you put into it, at the end of things, you'll still be left with a turd. It is fine for the lemmings that currently play, but not a chance if this game hopes to grow. Woulda worked by now if it was going to. No new buildings, PPOs, or grass texture are gonna make a difference along those lines besides giving olde geezers something new to wrap their heads around for a bit. Time to focus on others areas that they have done well on. I understand why it stops them though. Have the cojones to take a radical step that is unlikely to sit well with the majority of current players with just a possibility of bringing in many new and old players (doubtful anyway since people move on). Or, keep things as they are and chug along unspectacularly. Still surviving tho, but not a chance in hell of getting back where you used to, and need to be.
  9. Ruh roh!
  10. Dude, your first forum post indicates that you have promise in the game. My first post resembled something like "Argh asd adadsadasdasdasdadasdasdasdasd". I wouldn't suggest even for a moment that I gauge your competence by comparing it to my incompetence, but I kinda am. Although I cannot get in-game, but if you need help with anything, especially fighter/bomber things or even infantry, just shoot me a pm on here and I'd be happy to address your concerns and help you with whatever you need help with. An ex-former noob who wasn't helped when he was brand spanking new
  11. Who needs their trust when you have my love, wingman <3
  12. I hope you didn't let him kill you... Dude! I thought we had a pact...
  13. Dunno who this plain Zippy guy is, but he looks strong. Or looked I should say. Seems like he carried a lot of people.
  14. and you, for this...