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  1. S! All, I cannot get my JS and Pedals to work after coming back into game. I didn't mind shelling out the $$$$ cash w/o playing because I liked supporting the game. Thought I could jump right back in with my gear...oops I have very very little computer knowledge. I have Saitek X45 (actually 2 - 1 for backup) JS and throttle controller, with CH Pro Pedals. Windows 7 Premium (64 bit) The rig tests fine, works in other games. I made X45 the preference for older games, but not working. I tried to go to wiki, no help. Please help me set these up so I can play something more intelligent than WoT and Arma.
  2. Whats this? I just got Vista Home Premium. I was looking for "shortcut" also mentioned above, but what shortcut? Currently running great, but wanted to understand the discussion.
  3. Lazyboy: Thanks for the input. I do have options to change out and they do have the cooler you mentioned so I will make that change also. 8800GTS is $70 USD more than the 8800GT 1G. I will probably do it. These are the choices they give me for MB. EVGA nForce 780i SLI Mainboard FSB1333 DDR2 3 x PCIe x16 SATA RAID w/ USB2.0,IEEE1394,&7.1Audio Asus P5N-T Deluxe nForce 780i SLI Mainboard FSB1333 DDR2 3 x PCIe x16 SATA RAID w/ USB2.0,IEEE1394,&7.1Audio((3-Way SLI & QX9650 Support) Asus P5N-T Deluxe nForce 780i SLI Mainboard FSB1333 DDR2 3 x PCIe x16 SATA RAID w/ USB2.0,IEEE1394,&7.1Audio) Asus Striker II Formula nForce 780i SLI Mainboard FSB1333 DDR2 3 x PCIe X16 SATA RAID w/ USB2.0,IEEE1394,&7.1Audio RAID 0 choice is: EVGA nForce 780i SLI Mainboard FSB1333 DDR2 3 x PCIe x16 SATA RAID w/ USB2.0,IEEE1394,&7.1Audio ( I don't treat anything different do I for this RAID thing? I am not a computer guy) The system prices about $1,600 incl s/h with a no hassle 3 yr warranty. I priced out the specs at newegg and am paying about $200 for them to put it together and the warranty.
  4. I tried to assimilate the info provided in this post and am trying to get system ordered this weekend. Can you take a look at these and offer insight or opinons? I am confused about... sound card.......wireless card CAS: NEW!!! CoolerMaster Cosmos S Gaming Full Tower 420W Case w/ See-Thru Side Panel (Original Color) CS_FAN: Default case fans CPU: (Sckt775)Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.0GHz 1333FSB 6MB L2 Cache 64-bit [-70] CD: Sony 20X Double Layer Dual Format DVD+-R/+-RW + CD-R/RW Drive [+4] (BLACK COLOR) CD2: SONY 16X DVD-ROM [+4] (BLACK COLOR) FLASHMEDIA: INTERNAL 12in1 Flash Media Reader/Writer (BLACK COLOR) FAN: INTEL LGA775 CERTIFIED CPU FAN & HEATSINK FREEBIE_OS: FREE! (Halo 2) Game HDD: Single Hard Drive (150GB Gaming Western Digital Rapter 10,000RPM SATA150 16MB Cache WD1500ADFD [+104]) MOTHERBOARD: (QX9650 Support) Asus P5N-D nForce 750i SLI Chipset LGA775 FSB1333 DDR2 Mainboard MEMORY: (Req.DDR2 MainBoard)2GB (2x1GB) PC6400 DDR2/800 Dual Channel Memory (Corsair XMS2 Xtreme Memory w/ Heat Spreader [+50]) NETWORK: Killer K1 10/100/1000 Gigabit High Speed Online Gaming PCI Network Interface Card [+179] OS: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium w/ Service Pack 1 (64-bit Edition [+19]) POWERSUPPLY: 635 Watts Power Supplies [+10] (($30 off Mail-in Rebate) Sigma Shark SP-635W PSU - SLI Ready) SOFT: Free 60 Days Microsoft® Office® 2007 (Words, Excel, Access, Power Point, Outlook + More) - Windows Vista™ Required SOUND: Creative Labs X-Fi 24-BIT PCI Sound Card [+79] SPEAKERS: NONE [-72] USB: Built-in USB 2.0 Ports VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB 16X PCI Express (EVGA Powered by NVIDIA [+5]) WAP: Zonet USB Wireless 802.11g 54Mbps Network Adapter
  5. Do you have a link? I am not sure what you mean by optimize? I have everything pretty basic, defragged, have latest drivers, and I have 2 gigs of RAM. Like I said, I was very impressed by the 1.28.0 performance but have been smacked back down to stutterland now. Thx
  6. An observation... Now that there are two patches ALL of the Lagg & stutter issues came back again today. I cannot believe how bad the performance is today versus 1.28.0. Lag Darted twice, RAMmed twice, and damage king of the world again. Did I miss a post or something? Jeesh.... I was soo looking forward to the improvements. (
  7. I pm'd the player. It just seems weird and some people look forward to these things.
  8. I keepgetting someone elses feature. Does every player get someone else's notfication of an upcoming item? If not who do I contact?
  9. Thanks Guys!! I am worried about the Vista. Hopefully 1.28. will come up soon for an early xmas present so I can see whats in there for Vista support. It looks like Vista SP is going to be Feb'08, but I do not want to wait that long. Lazy: I appreciate the specs. I have seen your system specs on other threads and will have a build done using alot of the info. Bigmex: How much money do you have budgeted for a new rig? I am looking at about $1,500 for a system. One place I have been looking at is Looking at the 880 pro SE with some upgrades and no monitor. They seem to have the components that a pretty good concensus is recommending and a friend of mine knows an 'in' there for some discounts. I have never heard of them but my friend has (4) systems from there. There are some other ones, but I am not throwing down Alienware bucks again. I like the system but their pricing has gotten worse. What is your current rig? Alienware P4 3.0 ghz, 7800 GS 256MB (AGP), 2 gigs RAM How much coal do you need for the brats? Very little. They have been real good -- they are still young'ins. Might throw some in to keep them guessing. ALL: Thanks again!!
  10. I have noticed several threads asking about new systems. Like them , I am also close to buying a new system for a couple of reasons: 1. WWIIOL performance issues are driving me insane. I have seen CRS posting they are aware and working on these issues and also mention of 1.28. 2. WWIIOL performance (stutter,lagg, CTHLs) issues are driving me FN insane. My worry is spending my Kid's Christmas money, but not seeing any improvement for this game. So, my questions are... Is there any kind of target date for 1.28? (I know,,, I know,, but it is the season of miracles) Is Vista (64 bit) going to supported in 1.28? ( I have seen speculation only and I prefer to buy the system with the latest OS installed) Thanks for any input.
  11. Please pm me too. I was looking at the Cyberpower 8800 Pro SE with 4 gigs Ramm, but saw this post. Now curious if I shouldn't. I cant build one myself but love the info on the parts to look for in this forum. Thx!!!