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  1. Those who are getting the Authenticating error understand exactly how you guys feel, although yours actually gets in. It is really irritating to not have had any correspondance from CRS other than KFS1, which is coming up a week old. It seems as if they couldn't give a stuff about us. Just a little 'we're working on it' would be nice, but no, theres nada, and just the support facet of the crew is really pushing me to boiling point. I only resigned a week ago, and have played in total 1 1/2 hours. It certainly isn't worth the $15. Until they get it right (which should be by bloody now, 4 years down the track) they can consider my account suspended.
  2. I think you may have struck the nail on the head with this one. I've tried the same thing and get almost similar results, but also big gaps inbetween it working. Another way which may work is launching directly onto the live server without IE thru a desktop icon. That has worked a couple of times for me.
  3. WELL? Rats, honestly, stop keeping us players in the dark. Even if you don't have a solution, make the effort to tell us you're still looking for one. I'm coming extremely close to cancelling my subscription indefinately because every time I try to use the game it has something that prevents me from playing.
  4. Ok this problem is becoming really irritating to me, and I'd just like to know if the rats have made any progress in to finding whats causing the problem. It seems at random I can sometimes get in to both the training server and live server, about 1/15 of the times I try over a period of 24 hours. When I get in I have no problems. At this present point in time, all ping tracers are in the green, but I cant get into either server. What does the authentication do, and would it be possible to remove it for a period of time? (Seeming I wouldv'e guessed playgate does the authentication)
  5. I thought this may be an interesting tidbit: Yesterday, I was getting the freeze at authenticating, so I tried connecting to the training server. That worked. I then tried again connecting to the live server, and that worked. The problem I encountered was when I wanted to despawn, the ok button would never appear as many times as I cancelled. (I did wait for a minute) Now I'm stuck, unable to log in to either the training/live servers, and I've used KFS1's ping plotter and all was a-ok, and pingtracer says everythings cool. Weird. Hope it gets fixed soon.