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  1. Not sure if this is connected but I also get an issue with my C key not always working when I type in the text bar. I get lots of problems with pasted text too. Using W7 here and I alt+tab a lot. Quick workaround is to copy a 'v' from a bit of text, then you don't have issues with it pasting any more.
  2. No offence ahwulf but I asked doc in beta yesterday about where to report it and got a reply about 'report in game where we don't keep a record of the chat records or at the forum which we visit regularly - which one do you think?' or something along those lines. You guys need to get on the same page.
  3. Same visual line in Val de Vesle at 49.8.5N 4.14.45E. It's one of the damaged buildings states. If you follow the line it's the upper part of a window opening that is somehow wrong.
  4. http://installers.wwiionline.com/ doesn't show it in the list so guess it's not ready as yet.
  5. I found this building in Nijmegan which I had a problem running into. I think the problem is not with the destroyed building collider but the 'rubble'. From the S side you can't run into it as you don't go up and over the rubble, more through it. If you are inside and run out (S) it works fine. Anyway, you'll see what I mean when you take a look.
  6. I get this quite often and can replicate it usually, but not 100% of the time. Laying down with 1st weapon selected (rifle,lmg etc) I change to binos (key 0). I never usually 'put' the binos away by selecting 1st weapon again, I just move forward/sideways etc as it automatically changes to 1st weapon again. I've done this since I first got my hands on binos in game. What happens though is that the weapon doesn't appear in front of me in the lowered position as I move and I can't sprint like this at all. It's not until I use 'L' to raise (have to press it twice as it doesn't work on first press) the rifle again before I can then sprint. The following I sometimes get and only mention them in case they are connected in any way. Playing as LMG yesterday I got another strange happening where I could fire the LMG undeployed but as soon as I deployed it it wouldn't fire. After I had deployed/undeployed it several times, pressed alt a few times and the fire button a few times for good measure it started working again. Sometime the rifle goes into automatic mode where you take a shot and it doesn't recock so you press the reload button and straight away after the reload it fires again. Pressing Alt on this seems to cure it. I alt/tab a lot in game to browse etc and think this may have something to do with it. Some time I can press a F button (squad chat etc) when spawned in and the chat window expands like when tab is pressed. I'm wondering if this is keeping a keystroke from my alt/tabbing. I'm not the only one to have these things happen as some of my squaddies have it too. Anyway, hugely annoying but only seems to be happening since the walking with binos fix. Anyone else getting any of these issues?
  7. Agree. Spawn delay on another spawn delay is a huge source of frustration.