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  1. OP orbat updated, GJ Windhund and others.
  2. CC, added CC, in 1st pnzr gruppe,
  3. CC, added You're in. I added slot in Spartan 1st inf Gruppe for 91st.
  4. Added, I put you in KG Cataphract (Panzer group 1)
  5. I'll check on tow accounts. Probably keep it to one person one slot. But, might put your tow in logistics. Let me check... All positions updated!
  6. a unique unit is an interesting idea. I guess what I was thinking was more along the lines of, for example, adding a unique api code to each account. This code would have included all history of activity on both sides for that account which could be tracked by squad recruiters. If you wanted to join a squad they would ask you for your code to check up on you. In this scenario f2p accounts would most likely not be accepted into squads because of a lack of information. New paying players would have to join a squad and be active in game and on comms to prove themselves. It would be a bit of a climb for new players. however, f2p players could still enjoy the basics of the game if they choose not to join a squad. They would be limited in what they know about new aos and unit movements, in the same way they are limited in weapons they can use. Another added bonus might be discouraging side switching. If you side switch without being in a squad you will have very limited info on what is going on. I like the spy unit idea as well..
  7. waste of time, for programmers and allies. was a [censored] weapon for allies unless behind lines, slow, cant turn for [censored], and unlrealistic for game.. If i were allied I'd be pushing for other options. although I do see the "cool" effect if that is what youre looking for... how long do you think a 251 gunner lasts in the field? 1st ei that spots it,, that's how long. and they are a pain in the [censored] to drive... there is a reason why you rarely see them in game.