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  1. The sound of bullets hitting around you on roads, building walls, etc; the sounds tanks make like turrents, outgoing rounds, incoming rounds from the perspective of inf; and also just getting more realistic sounds from small arms; and the sounds of planes flying over head. There are more but those can be a start. WW2ol has many of the new games beat bc of the huge map and combined arms. New games have better graphics and sound. Graphics is a tough one to compete with. Just wondering how hard it would be to get some more realistic sounds in game. Audio = immersion,if you have the right sounds it can make a huge diff.. and can be easier to implement over graphics i think ( Although Im not a code nerd). But I'll tell you that the new games have some incredible audio. IMO this could be a way to modernize the game to compete a bit without any ginormous changes. Just a suggest. I don't want to post any other games in our forums but I would encourage rats pls go listen to some sounds on the newer games and see what i'm saying.. I'm not sure how diff is it to overhaul the sounds in game? again, the immersion of sound is huge. yes, the newer games have graphics but really they have great audio that sells much of the game..
  2. GJ guys, all deserving of awards and game should be thanking you as well,, kudos
  3. seems to be working now, thx
  4. When I log into game and it prompts to the patching server I always get ctd or the not responding issue. So, with every patch I end up having to redownload the entire game. It only has been like this since I was in hc/crs. Not a huge deal to redownload it tbh but just thought I'd post it. Thx
  5. Correct forrest, ty. 144 online 1800 server time. Get in game, should be a great campaign. Both sides planning well this go around!
  6. Congratulations to Axis for their victory in campaign 143!! Both sides fought well! Great fights and battles insued for both sides, but axis have won the day! Campaign 144 is in the works and will be online soon, start time TBD. Use this time to test new equipment, train up new recruits, and get your squad battle ready! Prepare for WAR soldiers, a new next campaign is coming! Rotschild
  7. ...For halftrack especially. Usually heavy atgs work best on hills or slopes. Tow accounts need park break to stay on incline. If it's an easy fix, otherwise more important things...
  8. a unique unit is an interesting idea. I guess what I was thinking was more along the lines of, for example, adding a unique api code to each account. This code would have included all history of activity on both sides for that account which could be tracked by squad recruiters. If you wanted to join a squad they would ask you for your code to check up on you. In this scenario f2p accounts would most likely not be accepted into squads because of a lack of information. New paying players would have to join a squad and be active in game and on comms to prove themselves. It would be a bit of a climb for new players. however, f2p players could still enjoy the basics of the game if they choose not to join a squad. They would be limited in what they know about new aos and unit movements, in the same way they are limited in weapons they can use. Another added bonus might be discouraging side switching. If you side switch without being in a squad you will have very limited info on what is going on. I like the spy unit idea as well..
  9. waste of time, for programmers and allies. was a [censored] weapon for allies unless behind lines, slow, cant turn for [censored], and unlrealistic for game.. If i were allied I'd be pushing for other options. although I do see the "cool" effect if that is what youre looking for... how long do you think a 251 gunner lasts in the field? 1st ei that spots it,, that's how long. and they are a pain in the [censored] to drive... there is a reason why you rarely see them in game.
  10. I agree bob, there def are.. It's more of a theoretical discussion rather than practical.. We all know CRS only have so many cards to play at this point. This doesn't mean we can't discuss it though. But, again, yes, i agree, there are more pressing issues on the table. Let's imagine CRS has a sugar daddy and can do what they wish. If that was the case, what would be your stance on this? I geniunely think it could add tons of authenticity, depth, and immersion/replayability to the game while also lightening the the load on CRS. PS, I'm not just posting this as a pipe dream.. I imagine the goal is to someday get to the point where WW2 online have the means to address these sort of issues. So its fun to discuss them for now, if only out of pure dreamfulness. Just my opinion, an old chunk of coal.
  11. totally agree with your last statement. as far as non comambatants, I don't think modelling has anything to do with this. There are no unique abilities that need to be added as far as programming. The work would be with game mechanics, not modelling.
  12. fair enough, want to expand on that?
  13. WW2 ppl, Spies, as much as we all hate them, are a huge part of the game. There might not be many of the a holes that do it, but those few can make a huge impact. I propose making spying a legal part of the game. Spying was, after all, a HUGE part of WW2 and so, if we wish to make the game as authentic as possible, why not introduce it as another interesting aspect of WW2 online? and make it something we can regulate through the gaming community and not a regulation on the part of the game moderators. It would be an extention of the sand box platform. There are many pros to making this happen, and I don't have all the kinks thought out. This is just a proposal. Here are my few ideas as I see them so far.. I'm hoping others can add on or call BS... What will have to be done is more power to squads in game some how.. maybe AO placement, planning etc,, Im not sure of the extent of how this might happen. But this way squads can control the game and thus control their members and determine if they are spies. They will need MUCH stronger recruitment requirements. Voice comms will be an absolute MUST! The point is that any non-squad affiliated player will not have the necessary information to spy without being in a squad.(for example, a "lone wolf" cannot see ao until a certain criteria is met, has a lack of ability to see friendly units, and maybe a lack of comms) The difficult part will be implimenting it in a way that if spying does occur it will be considered a slight on the part of the squads OR that it will be considered an exploit.. There is a lot of grey area here. I have not, admittedly, figured out this end of it. Perhaps there are some other ideas out there. Pros of adding spies... It will add authenticity to the game. It will get rid of ppl whining about spying, because the PB will now be responsible for spies. It will add strength to squads. We are getting rid of HC anyway, so i say lets add more power to sqauds in game. It will have a huge impact on players joining discord and squads. Because if they don't they will be considered spies. (There are some exceptions here of course with players we all know that have played the game for years and might not be in a squad..) It will improve squad communication. It will lessen the workload of CRS game managers. It will be more fun for PB once they realize the potential for joining squads and squad comms. Cons of adding spies... It will be difficult to introduce and require much testing before it is perfected to determine what is considered spying and what is an exploit. Squads will have to in some way become the major acting/influencing force in game in order to deter nonsquad players from becoming spies. * I havent' worked out this part yet, looking for ideas here. Finally, as an example of how well this could work, in EVE online spying is considered an essential part of the game. It is a VERY big concern for squads in game. BUT, it has added authenticity to the game as well as adding voice comms and a very stringent, but necessary, squad recruitment policy. It adds a new layer to the game and its all legal and not considered an exploit. And, it has the benefit of getting rid of the hassles on game managers having to worry about that part of the game. Its a very raw idea and I don't have it totally worked out. Lots of great ideas on these forums from players. I'm hoping to hear some other thoughts...
  14. Not going to lie,, map looks like [censored] at the moment... We took a risk at the start and it didnt work out. But, it's not over. Axis need some BK lovin' to get things turned around! )
  15. Nice write up Dunny! Wish I'd seen it first, would've saved me a few hours. Only one thread per squad I guess. which is fine, just making sure I'm not missing a tab ))