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  2. no coments: A) Great good C) Bad D) just stalling my: D
  3. 2 more weeks and has no axis players maybe 3 -4 players...
  4. the game is so for that reason: full of kids lol
  5. England ever again! and do not tell me to use TTs! crs need to review the amount of cities to condition of victory Axis never capture a town in england The attack on England maybe does not decide the map but has concussion !! Queen is save!!! ... CRS changed without properly analyzing the consequences. clearly damaged one side. now turn behind the other side will complain. tks crs!!!
  6. 30 sec really does not hurt the game... but also does not solve anything. It does not serve to balance and does not disturb. 30sd simply useless!!!!!
  7. LOL.... simply game over to the side axis soon we will have more players axis simple like that Infantry sees atg 1000m and kills atg / tank will not see 700m ...... 88 is the most ridiculous weapon in the game .. 75mm is good. why play?
  8. BADGER said that research on change fru was difficult (50% / 50%) sure that 40% of 50% in favor were allied players. the strong axis direction was infantry game (because the tanks are useless) CRS ended the axis force and so the map is going to E again favoring the side ally as in the last 14 years.
  9. RATS are listening very new players (2-3 years of account) and losing those who actually kept this game here (10+ years). DOC does not listen to anyone ... Xoom hear a lot and shoots in all directions trying to hit.
  10. the screen of the active battles should have the div / brigade.
  11. Steam? this is a dream ..