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  1. Blink and you missed it?? I remember 5 years ago I went for a month on holiday and when I got back the map was almost the same, just different tier... Ahhhh, but the new policy seems to be a bit different now... I hope the German HC places the next campaign all brigades in one town so we finish under one day... Then again I don't care anymore. This should have been stopped already.
  2. 1. This is live testing changes 2. The last few Campaigns missed tiers partially or completely 3. The campaign is shorter and shorter 4. The timers don't give a chance to recover Having said that, I used to have 2 accounts till yesterday, a starter and a premium... Premium is gone now, I don't get the product... And I was planning to be a builder... Man that would have been a mistake...
  3. We missed one tier this camp, anything made to amend this? ( I blame the cap times , but fixing it my be just in the manual triggering based on the situation rather than increasing cap times)
  4. Weekends are the most fun for most of the players, we don't want intermission then. Please start early .
  5. XOOM :I am discussing it internally with my team more.
  6. It is a bit frustrating, I have a paid subscription but I cant use it....
  7. Sitting this one most of my team.
  8. Hi guys, let me know what you think about this : Idea number 1 : - enable W A S D control for tankers when on pos 3 ( the gunner position ). Tankers are a bit unfairly treated, manning a 4-5 vehicle by themselves, that will fix the issue. Best regards, Eugene "Braum"
  9. Who gets the kills?