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  1. I'd like some advanced 109 Air to Ait combat training please.
  2. I too am still getting this. Please fix it or disable it until it works. I can tell when its about to happen. While driving a tank my sound will start to fade, then it will come back and I have the concussion bug. Changing positions or moving the turret instantly causes concussion. I have a Creative Labs Fatality card in Win XP 64.
  3. Ahh ok.. well my problems might be related to 64 bit OS then. Sorry for the intrusion.
  4. Thanks for the link bager. How much memory do you have ? Is it true what they say on the Pax forum that hardware acceleration won't work if you have more then 3.5gb of RAM ? Maybe this is the issue more then anything else.
  5. It will. I went back to 64 sounds.
  6. I've had no problem ordering from Dell Outlet but I've heard others not being happy. YMMV. What are you going to be using it for ? My thoughts on it: It's too big to travel alot with. It's not strong enough for a gaming desktop replacement even with the low rez screen. You'll be disappointed with WWIIOL performance. (but maybe you know something more then I do about the new engine) I'd recommend the WUXGA screen but thats just my pref. I think Dell's lower res screens sux.
  7. I didn't get to see your original thread so I don't know the scoop, but you need to be careful with driver cleaner. What exactly did you select for driver cleaner to remove ? Do you have a Nvidia chipset mobo ? Basically driver cleaner removes all mention of a particular driver from the inf dir and registry. You have to reinstall the drivers then. If you selected more then just Video drivers it may have removed something important. Maybe you need to reinstall the chipset drivers or whatever you asked driver cleaner to remove. For the game and browser lockups have you run any diagnostics especially memory diagnostics ? Are you sure its not a virus ?
  8. "NvCpl.dll" is your Nvidia app
  9. Reinstall your Nvidia drivers and CP
  10. I don't know how else to explain it to you but the answer is NO. You WILL NOT get better performance from the quad-core unless you manage to OC it to the same as your E8500 which you never will. I have a E8400 running at 4ghz on air without a sweat. Your E8500 might even do 4.5ghz if you have a good Heatsync. Again this is for BE. There are other games that are taking advantage of multi-threading but they are few. See this article: If you are gaming anywhere under 3GHz, it is time to upgrade, especially if you are running a multi-GPU configuration. We find that 3.6GHz is a great place to be to achieve an enjoyable gameplay experience with fast video cards. All of today’s 3.6GHz overclocks were achieved with very little effort. All platforms were air cooled and it should be no stretch for an informed computer hardware enthusiast. It is clear that multi-core CPUs aren’t of paramount importance to gaming just quite yet. Only in GTA4 are we possibly seeing a difference. It really is clock speed that matters the most. This isn’t to say that quad core CPUs aren’t useful for other things, but for gaming, clock speed is where it is at to achieve the best enjoyment from gaming, and to get the most out of your video card.
  11. I don't believe BE is multi-threaded, therefore it doesn't really take advantage of multicore CPU's. The only advantage of multicore CPU's is off loading of other non-game processes. A duel-core running at 4ghz will be better then a quad-core running at 3.5ghz in this game. I would not upgrade if BE performance is your only reason.
  12. As a VN vet of the 101st, I'd like to honor my predecessors by jumping with the Screaming Eagles in this event. If not possible I'll do whatever is needed.
  13. Not Maryland but North Carolina here. Same problems as you discribe. Foe me it has been this way for a Month.
  14. Windows assigns my game to CPU 0 and normal priority. Mine runs best when I enable the second core and set priority to above normal, and as stated above when I look at task manager while in game my 1st processor is maxed out. Enabling the second then shows another 30% of the CPU being used. So I'm assuming I'm processor bound in game. I have a core 2 Duo T7400 which I believe is 2.2ghz.
  15. [From the FORUM TOS: 8. Do not post threads about cheats, hacks or exploits. Do not post on this subject even if it is complaints, accusations, observations or commentary. In addition, do not post links to any site that contains either content of, or other links to, cheats, hacks or exploits. If you want to report what you feel is a cheat, hack or exploit, email the report with as much evidence as possible to] [From the GAME TOS: PERSONAL AND NON-COMMERCIAL USE LIMITATION Unless otherwise specified, the Sites/Services are for your personal and non-commercial use. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information, software, products or services obtained from the Sites/Services. ]