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  1. Well...finally got the game running (did ATI driver update and downloaded DirectX9), but now i get no more than 0-6 FPS... I´ve got a lot of good advice from you guys (Cheers!), on how to improve my FPS. So will look into some of those... But must say that i´m not very skilled with a PC, so i´m bringing in some "professional" help tomorrow. Hopefully he can optimize my system, so i will still be able to noob around in Battleground Europe...
  2. Did full uninstall using CCleaner and downloaded full install from main website, tried this a couple of times. But that doesn´t work either... Still crashes to desktop.
  3. I have exactly the same problem... Have tried 4-5 times now, both with and without DirectX. Game crashes back to desktop after Battleground Europe startscreen... Anyone with any idea on what the problem might be? Thanks in advance