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  1. There is also a major imbalance between points earned by Infantry vs points earned by Armor. I have always played almost exclusively Infantry. The last couple of Campaigns I have turned to the Dark Side and am learning to Tank. As a result my Rank progress has basically come to a stop. Part of it is my inexperience in Armor, but even on a Sortie where I had 11 Kills I ended up with single digit points because I was KIA. I understand the need to reward Infantry play but I agree with Delems, its way to many points for "things". Two Campaigns ago I had I think back to back Infantry Sorties where I scored 400+, and 300+ points. The common denominator is I was Fighting inside of CP's and every time EI would come in, the CP would "Flip". When I killed EI and CP reset I got points for Recap. The one I had 7 Kills and multiple Recaps. The other was basically the same. Not saying Armor should get the same kind of points but there is too much disparity. Delems post exposes where this disparity lies.
  2. I was just checking the STATS page this morning and found the following Date/Time Weapon Achievement Oct 18 17:22 PzKpfw IIc Attained Jack Russell Terrier grade, 11 kills What the Hell does that mean?
  3. Hey Dracus! I just saw this thread. I have been back on and off since 2014. I was playing under a different name. I recently got CRS to change my game name to Tkilroy as was available.
  4. I am currently playing on a laptop that is not designed for Gaming. Who plays on a laptop and what is it and what did it cost?
  5. Sorry for ranting, and would like to apologize to KMS and others who were trying to help me last night. Yes Spawn Camping has been an issue since day 1 and last night my frustrations got the best of me. I really love this game and that is my only real beef with it. I'll look for an appropriate thread to voice any further concerns.
  6. Nice to pay for a game that won't let you log into the game without being killed before you can see anything. Join a Squad they said. Now I have to download software to enable me to talk but it doesn't connect and they blame me for mistyping. I'm not feeling this. Since I've been playing this game on and off since Beta maybe it's just time to move on.
  7. Owl?
  8. How do I save in game screenshots? Trying to take recruiting pics to post on my FB page.
  9. Welcome Back. I too am playing again. I played from Beta until about 2006 or so. I have checked in a few time along the way and played for several months last year. I am back and plan to keep playing.
  10. Hello everyone. I played last weekend with no issues. Tried to play Tuesday night and couldn't get more than 6 FPS. have tried several fixes including factory reset of router and restarting windows 10. Still cant get over 11 FPS. Any suggestions?
  11. Is there still a way to "range" AT guns. I remember using position 1 to find range to target, which could then be dialed in on gun sight, which made first shot hits at range much easier. Also I remember modifying cfml files to produce a "fine" adjust for Tank/AT guns. Do these still exist in game?
  12. Thanks everyone. I bought a Logitech 3D Pro last weekend and it is working wonderfully. Going to look for a headset now so I can get back on TS.
  13. I found this article on the web this morning talking about the superiority of French Tanks over German in 1940. This is certainly known to players of WWII Online.
  14. I am returning to the game after 12 years and I would like to get a joystick to make things easier. I don't really fly and mostly play infantry or AT/AA guns. I do like to use Tanks occasionally and drive trucks and half tracks. What Brand/Model would you Vets recommend ?