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  1. 是的88 2700m
  2. I want to join a team, but I don't know English. . . . .
  3. www.speedtest.net速度测试 PING ms 64 DOWNLOAD Mbps 229.68 UPLOAD Mbps 39.88 China. Hunan. Changsha ISP China Telecom Fiber optic connection 300M broadband (currently China's largest speed civil broadband) My PC is mid-range PC memory 8G No other programs are running No other burden Time is inconsistent, today is generally disappointing in about 30 seconds PING ms 64 下载Mbps 229.68 上传Mbps 39.88
  4. Let the soldiers carry only the base ammunition is the embodiment of the game's authenticity.
  5. My best experience is to open a British 40MM tank, fight for ten hours, and then live rtb. During the period, my teammates replenished me with ammunition several times and 30 kilometers, and I finally got 1100 points.Thanks to my teammates
  6. This is great for the game, not the greatness of the player. Great is the rat, persisted for 20 years, brought us this game
  7. I totally agree with you. The great thing about this game is the cooperation In this decade of gaming, I've always thought that collaboration was the game's greatest joy. Although I don't know English, it doesn't affect us. As a veteran, I can understand your tactical intent. The fun in cooperation is far greater than The simple killing!! Happy cooperation!!!
  8. I saw Pittpete's plan and solved this problem, thank you
  9. Unable to start after system update Computer Loss mfc140u.dll I reinstalled the game, and the system, or lost it.
  10. I am in the German army in this battle, I am very happy that we will fight together and win.
  11. I hope that there will be trenches and bunkers on the outskirts of the city. It will occupy these cities in order to occupy the cities。
  12. My account is also banned
  13. ??????????????????????????
  14. In addition: I killed the Allies 20mm anti-aircraft guns, showing that I killed 76.2 artillery