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  1. 我觉得需要一个说中文的团队。。。。。。
  2. 我只能在亚洲时间玩此游戏,如果有更多的亚洲人玩,它将填补游戏的低潮。因此,我们始终向周围的人推荐ww2。
  3. 是的88 2700m
  4. My best experience is to open a British 40MM tank, fight for ten hours, and then live rtb. During the period, my teammates replenished me with ammunition several times and 30 kilometers, and I finally got 1100 points.Thanks to my teammates
  5. This is great for the game, not the greatness of the player. Great is the rat, persisted for 20 years, brought us this game
  6. I totally agree with you. The great thing about this game is the cooperation In this decade of gaming, I've always thought that collaboration was the game's greatest joy. Although I don't know English, it doesn't affect us. As a veteran, I can understand your tactical intent. The fun in cooperation is far greater than The simple killing!! Happy cooperation!!!
  7. I have been forcibly quit for the last four months and I can't play。I am so sad!!!
  8. I hope that there will be trenches and bunkers on the outskirts of the city. It will occupy these cities in order to occupy the cities。
  9. This kind of thing, I often happen。。。。。There can not quit, not only forced to shut down and restart the countdown.
  10. I hope to have a Chinese card, I can distribute to the Chinese players
  11. 不需要 payp,直接用信用卡也可以
  12. I think this is a good idea Requires more and more flexible charging methods to attract different players Chinese server used to experiment, for example, the Tiger tank, each is 8 cents, about 10 cents, the results failed.
  13. Chinese menu is actually very simple, just in order to facilitate the Chinese players to download the registration and recharge. Especially given Chinese recharge, recharge PayPal page most convenient is very important. They cannot read English contact I don't know how to China game player, recharge, many of which are by my PayPal account recharge.