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  1. I hope that there will be trenches and bunkers on the outskirts of the city. It will occupy these cities in order to occupy the cities。
  2. It has been lifted. Thank you for your work. Thank you for reminding me
  3. My account is also banned
  4. ??????????????????????????
  5. In addition: I killed the Allies 20mm anti-aircraft guns, showing that I killed 76.2 artillery
  6. A lot of people remind me of BUG, but I can not quit, only forced to close the game I decided to drive the truck. No fighting
  7. This kind of thing, I often happen。。。。。There can not quit, not only forced to shut down and restart the countdown.
  8. I hope to have a Chinese card, I can distribute to the Chinese players
  9. 不需要 payp,直接用信用卡也可以
  10. I used to be the first instructor of the Chinese server, at that time I felt that I was wearing a very handsome officer.
  11. I think this is a good idea Requires more and more flexible charging methods to attract different players Chinese server used to experiment, for example, the Tiger tank, each is 8 cents, about 10 cents, the results failed.