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  1. that is marksman = close med - med L ranges ============================================= ok so i am confused; here it says FTP can get Sniper : http://battlegroundeurope.net/subscription-comparison but in game it says you must rank to 7, but FTP can not rank to 7 iiuc. is the pic info old and obsolete?
  2. i read somewhere that if it is red and locked it is not available to F2P, but i see on another page that it is available. so being a dedicated Recon Sniper through my gaming career such as BFBC2 (PC), BF3 & 4 (XBox 360), Soldner Secret Wars (PC), Battlefield Heroes & Battlefield Play 4 free (PC = now retired)..... is the scoped rifle available to F2P when they hit lvl 7 or not? jest asking to get a mind set and a game play in the works.