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  1. Where do I uninstall the previous version? before reinstalling.
  2. Reinstall did the trick, thankyou. Had tried it previously but didn't bypass a warning about possible harmful files, which I'm sure will be ok.
  3. The game's not launching for me after downloading those last 3 patches. Anyone else getting this problem?
  4. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to try it for 1 campaign. See what happens.
  5. Imagine you've packed a cp with team mates and the enemy is trying frantically to clear it. Amongst the fire fight you hear them yelling frantically. You actually hear them. How difficult would it be to code in a command that triggered audible enemy yelling in broken French, British, German, even Italian, whenever someone typed open chat? Not discord sound. Just a game sound. There could be a number of generic phrases that trigger for each persona.
  6. Thankyou. Would like to thank Alee, who was working tirelessly to clear and recap. Great player. Also really enjoyed having Majes in our squad. What a player. Would be awesome if he stayed.
  7. Ok will do, thanks.
  8. Could someone clarify the etiquette around parking over enemy spawn points to insta-kill enemy? This includes rolling back and forward over the spawn point. Is this allowed?
  9. If you're not seeing much here go to our 7th ast website for more info. We're an active squad, which perform a lot of team based ops in the game. We use discord a fair bit too, which makes for more effective missions and quite a few laughs as well. Leave a message at our website to join the squad!
  10. Thanks Holmium that was a good fight towards the end. The names you mentioned will always log in to fight even when getting flogged. Congrats on a great win.
  11. Hell even I'm in