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  1. There were officers online. Needless to to say I won't disrespect them by hanging them out to dry, but as AHC CinC the buck stops with me for that cut happening.
  2. Sounds a tad exploity to me
  3. Attention Allies! In recognition of gallant and distinguished service, the Allied High Command hereby presents the following: Cross of Great Britain to KOOL Awarded by the Commander of the British Expeditionary Forces to Allied personnel for exemplary actions above and beyond the call of duty in service of King and Country. God save the King! for his actions on 07 February 2018. as set forth in the following citation: For his steadfast actions in the defence of Nivelles in the face of overwhelming enemy numbers. The actions of this service member were in keeping with the highest standards of the military, and reflect credit not only on himself, but on his country and the Allied Forces. Allies Salute! General Westy91 Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces
  4. Have you considered a more fluid Corps level command - a few backline flags that issues supply for towns within a certain distance around it? My main concern right now is the loss of the strategic element of this game, which at the moment, is completely unique to WW2OL. I'm worried that this will essentially turn us into nothing more than a glorified Call of Duty game, or could even turn us into just another generic world war two shooter.
  5. This I NEED!
  6. A rather sweet addition to the game would be the Bren Gun Carrier for the British Army, operating in a similar way to the German Halftrack in being both armed and able to set FMS's. It would add a certain realistic favour to the British Army and would allow some strategic mobility akin to how the Army operated in WW2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Carrier
  7. Just a thought ahead of steam, it would be worth turning away from the whole COD style run 'n' gun stuff and going towards more fireteam/squad based stuff. Something that emphasizes how battles were really fought in WW2. Would also be one hell of a sweet way to utilise squads as they expand with the new players on steam and would limit the current LMG army we're seeing at times. Brains over brawn anyone?
  8. As an Allied HC member I'm 200% onboard with this as well.
  9. and keep a job!
  10. Same issue. Was fine earlier but not connecting now