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  1. Yep, I'm allied and can often be found causing trouble with my squad. I may occasionally need to switch axis to shift flags for them but for me that's part and parcel of the job. @dropbearJust to answer your question, I've only ever been an allied player and have never had an axis sortie in the time I've both played or otherwise been involved in the game. As blkhwk says its primarily him, me and B2K who play allied, along with Hicksey and several others who are involved with the work we're doing. We're not always on at the same time, but we are here and we are visible.
  2. We have no plans on turning this into what is essentially a pay to win/loot box style game. Putting late war equipment up against early war kit is like the Spanish Empire going up against the Aztecs. Just one tiger up against early war armour would be a resounding win for the tiger practically every time and that's just not fair on the players.
  3. Psst, you can say something now mate
  4. I know right, with a voice like mine, I'd laugh too
  5. Did you do the full reinstall?
  6. Nothing official yet as the team need to do some work prior to going live. Soon as the word comes down from the game manager it'll be announced.
  7. The railway and interdicting was a pretty big thing in the war. Lose the infrastructure = lose the war.
  8. No limitations, reserves get the same stuff as regulars. Only difference is reserve HC are only required to get stuck in if there's nobody else online.
  9. Only when the rifle isn't swinging around like it's in the hands of Benny Hill on speed. Which is never on the allied side...
  10. Saw it happen in CPs when I was last in game. But I haven't got a Scooby how to replicate it. IF I see it again I'll try and get a screenie to prove it - There's a few who have seen it allied. One of my squaddies had a screenshot of an axis player doing it, but he was static.
  11. 1. The axis LMG aiming exploit, namely being able to set up their LMGs and aim down the sight WHILE running around. 2. Players being able to fire and kill underneath and below berms without fear of being shot up in return 3. FIREBUGS
  12. We need Flamethrowers to roast Jerry out of that hidey hole
  13. Attention Allies! In recognition of gallant and distinguished service, the Allied High Command hereby presents the following: Mentioned in Dispatches With Bronze Palm to pickaway and nc0gnet0 for their actions on 2 March 2018 as set forth in the following citation: "They were highly instrumental in the capture of Thionville amidst heavy combat with German ground forces" The actions of these service members were in keeping with the highest standards of the military, and reflect credit not only on himself, but on his country and the Allied Forces. Allies Salute! General westy91 CinC of the Allied Forces
  14. There were officers online. Needless to to say I won't disrespect them by hanging them out to dry, but as AHC CinC the buck stops with me for that cut happening.
  15. Sounds a tad exploity to me