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  1. The 60 seconds thing is, I believe, to stop bot spam. Not sure why your posts are being duplicated but @HEAVY265should be able to assist with that.
  2. We're aware and it's with the Game Manager chaps.
  3. Server is now UP and waiting for you. 1.36 has arrived
  4. Fairly soon (tm) The guys are just getting some final touches done and dusted. Won't be long at all.
  5. I'm sure @ZEBBEEEcan answer this question for you dude
  6. See I'm an allied player through and through. It's the only side I've ever played, however, I'm able to cross to the axis side to help their HC out when required because as an ACM it's my job to be completely unbiased. The same goes for every person associated with CRS. We work for the good of this game, not for the good one just one side. If we did, this game would've died years ago.
  7. Glad you like it @raptor34
  8. Tis true, T3 inbound. Expecting a proper Firefly/Tiger bruise up later
  9. Correctamundo. Server = US central or GMT-6 for the purists.
  10. I quite enjoyed the snow. It was an absolute pain trying to sneak into towns, but it wasn't half fun! It's been talked about, but far as I'm aware there's nothing concrete yet. Wait and see
  11. Not something I'm able to do GSC, but I suggest contacting Ohm who should be able to do something for you.
  12. That's correct. We've extended the intermission this time around basically just to let everyone take a bit of a breather while alpha testing on 1.36 continues behind the scenes.
  13. I'm locking this as it seems to be descending into a load of mud slinging. All audits, be it Armour, Infantry or Air, go through hatch, and are all part of a rigorous audit process that has been mentioned by CRS several times over the course of the last few months.
  14. This may be a fun thing to do for intermission. @OHM, what do you think?
  15. I've had a couple recently myself, all coming from the server to my PC. I suspected there may be some damage to cables following storm Callum last week but now I'm not so sure.