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  1. Been meaning to check out the changes. I'll download and give the rifle a spin for old times sake.
  2. Still looking for armor willing to work within a combined arms environment. If tanking is your thing and wish it was easier to find folks willing to provide security for you, then maybe Black Hand is what you're looking for. Visit our forums at www.setbb.com/blackhand and say hello!
  3. Hate it when Monster sapps your tank? If you can't beat him, join him! Black Hand is recruiting tankers. Who knows better how to protect your tank than the anti-armor experts?
  4. We've got a pretty green sherman that would go great with your eyes, Ian! Join Black Hand and we'll keep those dirty sappers off of you
  5. As long as it's someone elses tears, I can live with it
  6. heh, it's always fun to finish off all those sappers that are standing around popping smoke, shooting each other, and generally playing grab ***. It ranks right up there with shooting guys in water - it always makes me smile
  7. Last night during the attack on Profondville, the axis forces were able to get an MS near Namur and captured several depots in town - which cut off supply in our spawnable in profond for a short time. I had been participating in that attack on Prof, and when I saw what was happening in Namur, I quickly spawned in there to take back the critical depots and hunt for the ei. The few of us that were there were able to retake the town within a few minutes, but it was obvious that there must be an MS somewhere to the NW of town. I walked a little way out, but realized that the EMS had to be across the river. I didn't expect to survive crossing the river and finding it as infantry, so I despawned and grabbed a panhard. Now, I rarely use armored vehicles - but this was an instance where I thought I would probably need one to survive finding the EMS and killing it. I drove out to the road bridge NW and killed several ei in the water and around the bridge. I could not find the MS, or locate a stream of ei to lead me to it, and I couldn't leave the river as ei kept appearing at different points all over. After a short time of driving back and forth along the river, I was finally able to track the ei trail back to the EMS and kill it. Now, I was already feeling a bit guilty. I had killed quite a few helpless ei in the river and I knew the attack on Prof probably had them down to just rifles, so I was pretty much untouchable to these guys. As I was drivng back, I noticed a single ei that I had missed about halfway across the river, treading water for all he was worth. I drove up to the bank on the west side of the river and politely asked him to despawn. He ignored me and kept swimming. I asked him again to despawn and he tossed me a dirty look over his shoulder and kept headed to the opposite bank. I decided that I liked this fellow so I held my fire as he reached the bank and climbed out of the water. I left him for a moment to drive to the north bridge and crossed to the east side and found the ei again. He was lying next to a berm reading his map, perhaps 400m or so from town. He completely ignored me as I asked him again if he would consider despawning. He finally put his map away, turned and looked at me for a second, then began crouch walking towards town. Now this guy had me intrigued. He never once shot at me, or tried to nade me, or even talked back to me - he simply ignored me for the most part. I followed him in first gear, staying about 10 ft or so behind him as he crossed a field towards town. About half way across this open field, the ei stopped, stood upright, and turned to me. I thought, "AHA! This is where he'll finally try to shoot me or nade me." After a second, the fellow stood at attention and gave me a salute. It made me laugh. The chat bar was telling me that we were about to cap the AB in Prof, so I knew the danger this ei posed was very slim at this point. Not wanting to kill this entertaining soldier, I started my engine up again and pulled around the ei and left him standing in the field. After RTBing, I figured I'd better be sure that he wasn't going to cap a spawnable in town. I didn't want my generosity to cost us a town, lol. I spawned in as infantry and stayed near the spawnable for a few minutes. Shortly after that, infantry EWS went off. I don't know if he simply despawned after Profondville fell, or if AI killed him. It was definitely one of the more humorous moments in the campaign for me. I'd love to know who he was and what he was thinking that entire time - and what happened to him after I left. !S and sorry for the long story! pirate
  8. GJ TBomber Nice AAR too.
  9. Be a Hunter from the Sky! Join the 1st Fallschirmjager Regiment! www.1stFJ.com