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  1. We need nuclear weapons!
  2. Without friendly fire, I don't see the incentive to not spam artillery shells on a town. But with friendly fire, it's prone to abuse unless there is some kind of vote system which stops someone from spawning for a while that makes the temporary ban fairer.
  3. Battle of Crete or other equivalent operations
  4. I still think weapons should have melee attacks and rifles should have bayonets as using a dagger is just so different. Many times, I might have survived with a rifle had I been able to charge with a bayonet while defending a cp, where the longer range and being able to attack without switching weapon would be immensely useful.
  5. Would you rather let someone evil do evil's work or someone good do evil's work who tries to minimise damage done while simultaneously looking for a way to overthrow evil? I would not consider one who has to deal with the emotional impact of committing evil yet still try to fight back when the time is right an evil person at all.
  6. Maybe it was changed then since I've done it multiple times when I was one of the first attacking a town and opening a path for the others so the towers shouldn't be damaged. Thx for the answer.
  7. Wait, so that means what I've been doing in the past year was abusing a bug? Originally I threw it into the tower like you said, but then once I screwed up and it fell into the base of the tower and it still destroyed the tower so I sticked to this ever since.
  8. I thought all you need to do is to throw it into the base of the tower, that's what I have been doing almost since I have started playing
  9. I was just thinking about how the "O" button works for the driver and implement it for the commander. Whereas it closes the narrow viewport, it will take out the SMG for the commander and it can act like a 3rd weapon of the tank. Alas, I do not know whether or not it is as easy as I think.
  10. Check out a video from InRange TV which is made by the same 2 guys from Forgotten Weapons. They got a professional shooter to try shooting a Mosin Nagant sniper rifle and she had to lift her cheeks away from the rifle to cycle the bolt. Also, I swear I saw fallschirmjagers lifting their cheeks a bit to cycle the bolt of the Kar98k in a documentary.
  11. Maybe those HMG/M2 variants can be sort of like ATGs except they walk on foot instead of on wheels, as well as being able to sprint, and then you can vary the setup/deploy time?
  12. How about letting the Axis have a lot of MG42s and Allies get their respective HMGs, but also give the Allies the .50 cal machine guns?
  13. But it needs some kind of mechanism to show how the strong recoil of the rifle basically eliminates the possibility of a follow up shot like a semi-automatic rifle, which is perfectly demonstrated by how you need to lower it a bit to cycle the bolt more comfortably due to the weight of the rifle. The fact that the aim shifts a little bit after cycling the bolt is a good mechanism in my opinion, as it does not upset your aim but it is there to make it more skill dependent to become an effective weapon. I think it is fine as it is and it is not too terrible at close quarter fighting, otherwise it will just be an unrealistically overpowered weapon.
  14. WWII was an inside job?
  15. Personally, I feel that having a commander assisting targeting is more beneficial as he can help direct your fire when the target is so far away that you can only see a few pixels on your gunsight (e.g. telling you to fire slightly higher or lower, left or right etc), also he can look around for other targets that may be needed to be destroyed first such as a more powerful tank or a truck, whereas the view is quite limited in the gunner position making it impossible to have spotted anything else, and switching between commander and gunner can make you lose your target at times. On a side note, do you guys think tank commanders should have the ability to take out a submachine gun to kill EIs? It improves self-sufficiency of a tank at the expense of the infantry but the turn rate of the commander is quite low so he is still handicapped. Plus, a commander is normally responsible for spotting targets so it wouldn't make too much of a change in terms of gameplay.