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  1. The line is simply trying to tell you that an error happened while talking to the ip on port 27015. That'd be the auth host. Error code 20001 is forwarded from Windows, telling us that packet loss caused a message to go missing, and TCP/IP was unable to confirm the message had been resent and received, so it is closing the connection. Given that this is the auth host, which log file are you seeing that in? This can be a normal entry in the playgate logs as it's normal for auth to close your connection without waiting for further messages when launching your game client.
  2. Please try this short-term workaround: - Open notepad, type in: - (don't hit return at the end) - Select File >> Save As - Change "Save as type" to "All files" - In "File name" type: manifest - Save to desktop. - Close notepad. - Drag file to your Battleground Europe folder. - Try playgate again.
  3. Allies have the North Armybase zipped up tightly, Axis hold the most strategic location between the last depot and the AB, overlooking the tract of otherwise open ground. Can either side take control of the no-mans-land and secure the town? hFPUKm-HlkE&hd=1
  4. Part 2 of the Nettersheim series. No 1080 ... sigh. pdjE5cUwQBU
  5. [Part 2 will be up soon] 5XEhclVVPIE (Be sure to watch in 1080 if you can - click thru to YouTube for the option)
  6. Well, actually... gnpattons first death at the Battle of Bastogne on June 18th He asked me how he got killed in his Stug, and ... Note: Watch it 1080/full screen or it really is just ... meh yP7xkkrXju0
  7. She thought there was a spider in her office, but it was just the 'stache
  8. If you mean the original question, I'm waiting on Motor to post one of my replies in the player feedback forum ;-P
  9. One of the best ways to turn a visiting recruit into a long-term squaddie is to be the folks who get them their first kill... Players coming into BE from other FPS games can find it a real challenge to 'see' the other guy because their expectation is to have an EI pop out 10 feet away from them, fill a big chunk of their screen and have a color-coded name tag over their head. A great way to get guys into 4th gear up that particular hill is take them to a friendly defense, have them turn off their icons and try and spot friendlies. I know they'll be itching to get into combat, but taking just a couple of minutes on this exercise can make a universe of difference: their chances of spotting people without getting shot by them will be greatly increased, and they can watch how other players move and conceal themselves. 2iG9gmFL2hc
  10. Yep - the despawn timer is an agreement with the host, so if you're in the middle of losing your connection to the host ... Chat is a completely different connection, and if you're using NetCode2, Chat is also a completely different network protocol. Much better version of NetCode2 in 1.31; amongst many other fixes, it will no-longer compare your connection to the gigabit link between servers (which use NetCode2 to communicate with each other). That's why it sees so much packet loss in the first place -- compared to the host sitting next to it, our packets seem to take an eternity coming back
  11. Great to see the Mac being supported by a fully-fledged Macster again Between being new to the Mac (but loving it) and relatively new to working on the client, I was seriously out of my element (and man enough to admit it ;-P). But since Andrew now has my development-Mac, I'm going to have to buy another Apple keyboard (this'll be my 3rd): I was shocked - shocked I tell you - when my apple keyboard at home didn't work so well after I poured cola into it, cleaned it with alcohol (specifically, beer) and then washed it out in the shower. Who knew a fancy high-end keyboard would contain delicate electronic components not fond of contact with large amounts of various liquids????
  12. I suspect all the "No"s are likely to have 9-10 character callsigns. In which case, I've probably already fixed this bug in 1.31
  13. MARKING* a:Y, b:I, c:4 (Example reply: It was working for me on the Intel Mac in the office)
  14. It would be really helpful if I could get some of you to answer this quick questionnaire: a. Can you mark? [Answer: Y for yes, N for No or S for Sometimes] b. PowerPC or Intel? [Answer: P for PowerPC or I for Intel] c. How many characters in your game name? [Answer: 2 to 10] Please copy and paste the line from below that matches your situation to the first line of your response. I'm going to pull the results of this automatically, so the format must be exact and it MUST be the first line of your reply. You can put whatever you like below it, but this must be the first line Can Mark/PowerPC: MARKING* a:Y, b:P, c:2 MARKING* a:Y, b:P, c:3 MARKING* a:Y, b:P, c:4 MARKING* a:Y, b:P, c:5 MARKING* a:Y, b:P, c:6 MARKING* a:Y, b:P, c:7 MARKING* a:Y, b:P, c:8 MARKING* a:Y, b:P, c:9 MARKING* a:Y, b:P, c:10 Can Mark/Intel: MARKING* a:Y, b:I, c:2 MARKING* a:Y, b:I, c:3 MARKING* a:Y, b:I, c:4 MARKING* a:Y, b:I, c:5 MARKING* a:Y, b:I, c:6 MARKING* a:Y, b:I, c:7 MARKING* a:Y, b:I, c:8 MARKING* a:Y, b:I, c:9 MARKING* a:Y, b:I, c:10 CAN NOT Mark/PowerPC: MARKING* a:N, b:P, c:2 MARKING* a:N, b:P, c:3 MARKING* a:N, b:P, c:4 MARKING* a:N, b:P, c:5 MARKING* a:N, b:P, c:6 MARKING* a:N, b:P, c:7 MARKING* a:N, b:P, c:8 MARKING* a:N, b:P, c:9 MARKING* a:N, b:P, c:10 CAN NOT Mark/Intel: MARKING* a:N, b:I, c:2 MARKING* a:N, b:I, c:3 MARKING* a:N, b:I, c:4 MARKING* a:N, b:I, c:5 MARKING* a:N, b:I, c:6 MARKING* a:N, b:I, c:7 MARKING* a:N, b:I, c:8 MARKING* a:N, b:I, c:9 MARKING* a:N, b:I, c:10 Sometimes/PowerPC: MARKING* a:S, b:P, c:2 MARKING* a:S, b:P, c:3 MARKING* a:S, b:P, c:4 MARKING* a:S, b:P, c:5 MARKING* a:S, b:P, c:6 MARKING* a:S, b:P, c:7 MARKING* a:S, b:P, c:8 MARKING* a:S, b:P, c:9 MARKING* a:S, b:P, c:10 Sometimes/Intel: MARKING* a:S, b:I, c:2 MARKING* a:S, b:I, c:3 MARKING* a:S, b:I, c:4 MARKING* a:S, b:I, c:5 MARKING* a:S, b:I, c:6 MARKING* a:S, b:I, c:7 MARKING* a:S, b:I, c:8 MARKING* a:S, b:I, c:9 MARKING* a:S, b:I, c:10