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  1. Having read all these posts, I think what the people complaining are missing is that population is already a huge advantage. One side could have barely enough for one AO and the other side ensure that there is 2-3. If one side is heavy underpop and there are 30 second timers, the other side will roll the entire map easily. Super fast timers would work fine with balanced pop but its insane to think a heavy underpop side could have any chance. Also this just encourages mole AOs on big towns, because one guy can run around within 10min have most of the town capped. I think that somewhere around 4min would be a better choice for timers. This just reminds of the time that they started in tier 3 and the Axis just got eaten because everyone loves to play as Americans .
  2. They would have to lower the subscription price by a lot since your subscription is worth a lot less, it could be worth it but it is a question of economics. Can they make more money using Price A or Price B and what changes come with offering each price. The funny thing is, when I play I use the bolt action rifle quite frequently.
  3. It depends on what weapon you are using, you could just be injuring them (rifles are the only thing that should be one hitting). It also depends on where you hit them.
  4. I had the same issue, I just kept trying to install the patch and eventually it worked.
  5. https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/nVnyQV That is my new build and the reason I have not been in game for awhile. You can downgrade a bunch of things on there. Also does your case come with a CPU cooler? if yes then you dont need a different one. I agree with the others in that you do not need or want a 500 GB SSD, but i see you dont have an HDD listed so you would want to add one of those. I would recommend searching up Newegg's "How to build a PC" videos on youtube to get a good grasp on what you would want.
  6. WHIPS and 250th Hispana are the two Axis one's I can think of, both are incredibly good but I think that since you live in Finland WHIPS would be better (Hispana is Spanish so it would be difficult to play with them unless you speak Spanish). Idk the Allied one's so if that is what you are looking for I can't really help you.
  7. The appealing part of HC to me and many others is that we get to enjoy the strategy involved with flag movement. But we understand that because we are in charge of our sides entire future when we are moic we are willing to make the sacrifice to do all the grunt work you have listed. Towing, setting fms, organizing attacks and re-supplying stugs that run out of ammo in less than a minute (that last one is for my comrades in GHC hehe). We do this work because we get to move the map. There is nothing more satisfying than cutting off an enemy division and nothing more painful then being responsible for losing one. So in order to achieve our strategic goals many in HC go above and beyond to ensure victory in objectives through in game leadership. My point is that by removing brigades we are removing the reason for why many of are in HC, why HC works so hard to provide in game support and leadership. Fiddling with moving brigades is not a chore its why we play. In my opinion without brigades and strategy HC will lose the motivation to provide in game leadership. Some of my most memorable and enjoyable experiences are sitting with an experienced officer and learning about how to move brigades. Sometimes I login and just watch the map. Flags are awesome and they are the reason I keep coming back to this game over the last five years, so I will be heart broken to see them go. However I can understand why they are being taken away, The reason brigades are leaving is problems to do with HC. Xoom's logic for removing brigades is pretty solid. There is simply not enough people in HC who want to spend hours moving the map and the player base can be ruthless when an officer makes a mistake, making the attrition rate for officers high. Being in HC can be insanely stressful. There is also a lot to learn about flags when someone joins HC so it is a lot of work just to understand how flags work. At this point in time being in HC is a burden to too many and it has cost both the Allies and the Axis enormously. Example: 18hrs no GHC login, and the allies rout our center and we lose the map. A perfect world, What I would like to see is a way to keep flags but reduce the burden on HC. I know the coding for what I want is difficult which is why I am not expecting CRS to input it. But I would like to see what many people have suggested as well. Town based supply but with flags that don't have enormous supply, but enough to strategically reinforce. These could be controlled by squads (perhaps each squad gets its own flag) or perhaps HC gets to control these flags. Either way we don't lose the strategic element that makes this game great. In my opinion the strategic element is a motivation for in game leaders to rise up and lead their sides to victory. , hector781, just a guy who loves his flags Just a little side note regarding the title of this discussion post, @XOOM has frequently discussed the changes to the flag system and there are many posts about this. I will never support the removal of flags but to say there has been no discussion or information does not do justice to how hard XOOM has worked to ensure that we know what the future of this game will look like.
  8. ^ I am experiencing the exact same thing.
  9. Thank you for the great honor, I would like to thank my co-star Jenny/Gurlpower/GSC for making this possible. Sincerly, hellokitty aka Jenny
  10. We are already planning to be on the cover of the next issue
  11. Cindy eats nothing but pre-cooked sausage, so she spends very little time in the kitchen -Jenny
  12. Thank you dodger -Jenny
  13. we got some noobs accts and xoom hooked us up with free name changes bb
  14. If anyone could help us, we would repay u