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  1. There were only two times that I was accused of cheating when still fairly new, and it wasn't expressed very well. I understand the problem, but it must be dealt with properly...it kinda ticked me off...
  2. I agree!
  3. I always have played Axis. If we lose, we lose. I just take as many Allied down with me as possible. The only thing I dislike about this game is being camped by enemy tanks and spawn delays. That's my two cents anyway...
  4. Silversoil, it is GREAT to see you! Had some good times with you in the past. Hope everything is going well!
  5. Massive Axis Paradrop July 3rd, 2016!
  6. What do you guys think of this!
  7. It is all about practice. Enemy players with SMGs and LMGs have an advantage, but I have had times when I successfully cap a cp against them. I do believe you can clone in the offline by hitting the space bar. However, they will be non moving targets. See you on the battlefield!
  8. Sorry to see you go! Enjoyed playing with you and hopefully see you on the battlefield again sometime!
  9. If I can learn it, you can learn it. I play Axis, but I am sure we will meet eventually.
  10. I know that not everything is perfect...but I am always glad to see HC online when I play. At least I know that someone is working on setting something. I usually groan when I see an automatic AO being placed. I appreciate that somebody is willing to put some time into the game. That's my two cents anyway
  11. Completely agree!!! Way too many tanks. But then again, war is war.....
  12. This is strange. I downloaded the Mac patch right after it was ready and it worked fine for me. Hope your guys get it solved soon!
  13. I am downloading now. THANK YOU!!
  14. Any idea on how long yet, or is it pretty much in the air? In the next hour or two possibly for Mac users?