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  1. Certainly an interesting idea that would be worth exploring further - Thanks for the submission. Cheers, private116
  2. Sad to say that I wasn't "online" for the end (I would have been one more kill for the Allies stats - LOL)... But good fun and look forward to the next Campaign Cheers, private116
  3. StuG IIIG, side skirts and top mount MG - wake up Private your dreaming...
  4. Good Bunch and and Great Fun - BK all the Way !
  5. Well Deserved - just think what he could accomplish if he was in BK (LOL) Congratulations - private116
  6. not yet... but waiting !
  7. Great Job and Thanks !
  8. I certainly agree that the communication is Terrible with regard to matters like this... something would be better than the Silence. Perhaps some kind of update as what is really being accomplished during the Intermission ? Could CRS not plan some kind of actual scenario for the Intermission (big tank battle, special missions, naval battle) ? Cheers, Private116
  9. You have my vote for this general idea...
  10. just wondering what happens if the release on Steam is a complete failure (for what ever reason)? I personally think, we'll all be surprized at the level of success....
  11. one more thing.. great comments - saronin and lipton... we need more "open field" battles some how
  12. If the game had a much higher number of players on you would see a lot more Rifles as a result... but its doesn't hence the "good stuff" goes go first. I really do think that a large majority of players, do look around for something other than a rifle. I admit, it's not my first choice of weapon but will take one if that my "only" choice... During the war, the rifle was easy to mass produce and arm troops with... LMG, SMG and other automatic weapons are much more complicated to manufacture (except possible for the British Sten gun, stamped and a few welds...), ammunition consumption rate and supply is also any issue. It's a struggle in a game like this to please all, that's for sure... perhaps CRS could look at the Rank system more closely to reward players with weapon access more closely ? But again that certainly has issues and could drive players away. Would it be possible to create an intermission scenario to "trial" less Automatic weapons and promote Rifles. Getting player feedback to access the success of it all ? Thinking Out Loud... interesting conversation. Cheers, private116 (I prefer playing a Sapper)
  13. Thanks, once again...
  14. So at this point in time, if I'm wanting to talk to fellow squad members on Discord, I need to purchase a PTT Headset ? I'm currently using a Voice Activated Mic. I have a feeling I know the answer...