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  1. BlitzKader is the Squad to join... Axis Only Squad, active and willing to teach new players, which helps in the over all enjoyment of the game. It is best to spend sometime on the Training Server and go through the Training Tutorials. Worth taking a look at YouTube videos as well. Look for one of us while playing and they'll be able to help join or at least tell you who to contact (like myself) PM if you like, Happy Hunting with who ever you join... Cheers, private115
  2. I like the basic idea... but lets get all the game basics in full running order before looking at something like this ? Snowball fights !
  3. Take Care of what needs to get done... Family ! Look forwards to seeing you back in the game. Cheers, private115
  4. I'm having the exact same problem - help ! Haven't ruled out that it might be something I'm doing but never had this problem before
  5. I still have problems with my JS being detected, need to go into Pref. each time I start the game and have it detected under controllers - once thats done no problems until i log off. Logitech Extreme 3D PRO
  6. Looking for a Straight Forward (not a video) Manual on Setting Up Missions Thanks, private115
  7. I'm having the same problem, once I "updated" my system (Oct. 12/15). Running a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro on a Apple - from what I've tried nothing seems to work. If someone has something that did/does I really would like to know. Private115
  8. I was getting the same error message yesterday, just kept trying a few more times and I managed to get in... not a really technical answer but it worked !
  9. I hope tomorrow is today.... again you efforts and time are appreciated !
  10. Even an estimate of timing would be appreciated, I see the Friday Update is still on August 28. Maybe one place to find the information rather than having to hunt all over for it (or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places).
  11. Any idea of a potential timing for MAC Installer ? Really looking forward to seeing things and getting back into action - Thanks for the Efforts on "your" part. Private115