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  1. Too much whine to read. We're all know the rules, Axis used them better. I don't care who's fault it is, but I'll fight back tonight till late, or until HC surrender. Alone, if you've all gave up. See you in few hours.
  2. And when Jonny's on the other side? How to enforce him to destroy the right bridge that needs to be destroyed asap, instead of fixing the one at the back line, 500 miles from the enemy fire?
  3. we've done an epic videos for warthunder justba year ago. I have sony studio by myself, but dont have enough time for making movies. To make an epic movie we have to have a scenario. We need few killcams from pilots, infantry platoon on march, tank ambush, etc. Add some WWII propaganda misic, old film effects and proper voice on that. Most complicated thing is to get epic short clips. To do that, we need to enter the game at sertain time and place, hold on the fire, and play like actors for an hour.
  4. You can not protect spawns in any way. Even if devs make you appear undergrund where you totally safe, you ll be shot when you try to get out of it. You can create as many proyection layers around it, there will be a last door anyway. The only reasonable thing is to warn players somehow that spawn is camped. Usually it supposed to be a pkayers job, but underpopped side could have only few muted ones. So simple alarm saying that you are about to spawn where 5 players have been killed in last 10 seconds...
  5. I see no problems with this. Ammo is limited. Cooldown time between shots is relitively large. Long range requires team suport to correct fire. You can not shot a single truck, because 5-7km distance will be covered in 10 seconds. And sporting, atracking such positions will create another game mission. The only issue here is panoramic sight required. Sorry, not sure what's the right English words for it. But it does not exist now in game.
  6. XOOM, I'm native Russian, currently living in Sydney. So my English with a little Aussie accent.
  7. It takes a time for commander to look out in opened hatch. Don't rush with period button, just wait animation to complete.
  8. An make an ability to go offline mode from the launcher. Tell directly how to make closes, and make able to kill those clones. This will answer most of "hows" and "whys".
  9. this is exactly my experience. mate, one thing whichis not obvious - try offline mode. Just run the game directly, not the launcher. You'll appear in a closed zone with a lots of targets, and you'll be able to set your own targets by cloning yourself with a space key. And you can try any weapon there, as there are no limitations. The only problem is you can not kill clones. I hope it's a bug.
  10. i hope this is just a bug to be fixed
  11. This is not obvious for a newbe, but i've found that you can enter offline mode, clone yorself in a positions you like, spawn with something different and try it out. This is what i'm doing last 2 weeks. With this ability you do not need tons of wikis about guns and armors.
  12. I'd say again, that the main issue is luck of information. The advice to join someone is good, but people like to join someone in something they've liked already. Language is a barrier as well. Half of the world population do not speak English. To play the game you want to know the rules. How do i know armour thickness and weapon penetrations? And now try to find same info on some other language.
  13. Does a shell have any calibre/radius in such calculations? Or it is a geometry point? Can 75mm shell go through 20mm hole without armour penetration?
  14. Damage model is amazing. Is there anything else like that? Are there any "logs" available like we've seen in the video above? Do we have similar video about aircraft's flight model?
  15. Hi guys, Basically this is not a payment issue, as payment went fine and I've got my transaction ID. But game and website still shows my current subscription as "Free Play". May be I just have to wait, but this looks weird.