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  1. USS Solace Please.
  2. I turned off the Windows MediaPlayer Network Sharing Service and got the to run at between 75% and 85% in Heavy battle areas. I am starting to believe that as long as I am not maxing out the CPU that I have nothing to gain by upgrading. So here is a question, If I overclock it, will I see the CPU utilization % drop? The logic is not clear to me on this question. If the CPU is not maxing out now that means that all the instructions the game needs to execute are being completed. So upping the clock speed only makes them get done faster. I have a stock intel heatsink now. Might be worth investing $40 in an a Cool Master Hyper 212 Plus just so see what happens. I have read where people have gotten the E8500 3.16 ghz to 3.8 ghz. That should be enough to see how it will affect everything. munchkin, I know alot about computers. I build all my own rigs. But some of this stuff is not straight forward as you noted and I was hoping the RATS might chime in with some insight on my situation. Thank You everyone for the input. BTW, I went on a run with my brother tonight, both in pannys. He has a i7 930 and he was running at 13% when I was at 80%. However, from his discription, the game play on our two michines looked the same. I would love to see our two systems side by side to see if there is any real diferance, bro is in Germany and I am in Cali so that aint happening anytime soon.
  3. Thanks for you input Sir!
  4. I will look at the AMDs but understand that the reduced cost for the CPU will be offset by the cost of a new Motherboard. If I have to replace the memory also than we are talking $500 to $600.
  5. I will check it out again tonight. Thank You
  6. So, I have an E8500 dual core 3.16 ghz and when I am in the game it is running at 100% on both cores most of the time. My frame rates are acceptable and very rarely drop below 20 fps. I have vertical sync lock on so the upper end is limited to 60 fps. My question is what part of the game is primarily affected by a processor bottleneck? If I were to upgrade to a Q9550 quad core 2.83 ghz what effect would that have on my game play? I am looking at spending $278 to Q9550 vs. $685 to go to a i7 930 which requires an new MB and Memory. My concern is what effect will the additional processor power have on game play? According to the Passmark CPU test charts going to the Q9550 will increase my cpu score 1.81 times and going to the i7 930 would take it to 2.4 times. However.... the real question is will it make any real difference in game play? No matter what I decide about the processor, I will be upgrading my video card in the near future.
  7. I think that would be a very bad assumption.
  8. I changed my email address in my account profile but I am still receiving Forum emails at my old email address. How do I resolve this?
  9. I am running a E8500 with a Nvidia 9600GT on a 24inch monitor and get 70 fps most of the time with max quality. I found the game ran better on 2 cores at 3.16 then 4 cores at 2.4.
  10. Put me down for a Bofors. Put Freeride down as a truck
  11. Thanks Nate