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  1. My first attempt at a ww2ol movie.. its a bit silly, but in a good way Btw, if it doesnt playback right, you probably need the divx 6.1 codec, which you can get from here under "divx 6.1 play bundle" hope you enjoy watching as much as i had making this movie
  2. yeah my only two regrets were that i didnt take more pics of inf while in town, and that there werent more inf when we were loading up oh well, cheers
  3. lol, my bad
  4. (ok so the spelling is wrong, but hey.. i got photos ) Monumental effort on the part of the HC, 6th and 12th armies, KM and LW. Axis came well prepared and well delivered, and stormed krab. S! to all that were there. Shouts especially to mookes, hierbart, waffen84, cabbage, Maximax, gripen00, mazze, dubil, morgsy, theboy, s1lent, and all the others that i had the privalege of riding into battle with. Part 1: the waiting (it was worth it in the end, so dont get me wrong ) Part 2: Just awesome. Part 3: Maximax gives mazze a lift Part 3.5: same shot a second later Part 3.9999: Names and (some) faces Part 4: Oh captain my captain (well... oberleutenant), Maximax Part 5: Lack of screenshots due to intense action, but i did manage to get a snap of a KM newbie getting in on the action in a fairmile All in all, an awesome time, hope to see many more like it from all sides (oh and i'm clicktarded, sorry)
  5. S! welcome back old chum.