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  1. Great thread, and awesome work on that model. You are very skilled at what you do.
  2. Thanks Hopefully Ill have the new fan in a couple days and it will fix the problem
  3. Ok, well I got some paste so I will clean it up and try the paste next. I didn't have any issues for about 1 year, so I really don't have any idea on why they are starting up now. Should I get a new heatsink just for the hell of it, something must have happened to cause these errors to startup now And Salem, before pulling off the heatsink I installed the mobo monitor that you mentioned and my CPU was going 70+C in a few minutes of trying to shrink a DVD.
  4. I pulled my heatsink off today since I thought I narrowed down my PC crashing to CPU overheat. Anyway, I pulled off the heatsink and noticed that my thermal pad on the heatsink melted through. The melted Themal pad is now on the CPU. Do you think a new heatsink will fix my heat problems, or because of the melted thermal pad, will I need a new CPU too? Thanks * Its and AMD Barton, so shouldnt be to expensive to replace