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  1. my almost perpetual award nominations would go to: eyeshank actonman googs These 3 guys almost live on this map and I'm jealous...they tend to keep the flags moving and in good shape(usually). rustylk should get recognition for his hard work this campaign as well.
  2. Can't help thinking mortars are underutilized. wondering if they could be added to the towns AI? could be interesting for a section of town to be covered by mortar tubes.
  3. thanks B2K If that's what's happening then that's what I'd expect but i think we lost some flags that way last campaign. Can you test this out on the beta server?
  4. It doesn't make sense to me that cutoff flags go to training immediately but garrisons "fight on" for up to 6 hours.
  6. looking for a pointer as to how the overstocking garrison works for infantry. -thanks
  7. ok...thanks
  8. defending Stenay-Dun FB this evening, threw grenades at inbound ei close enough to kill them, just to watch them keep walking. What's up with that? Are the grenades only usable on AI? Are they worthless in the field because they're concussion vise fragmentary?
  9. BDE shows no movement of either brigade. Ciney fell, SYSTEM moved them to Spontin. Based on your "bounce where the unit came from", that would imply those brigs were already in Spontin. Only link to Spontin is Ciney. BDE shows absolutely no HC movement of those units. I call BS.
  10. How do fallbacks work exactly? Why would a fallback be FORWARD of the town the unit was in? Our 3/1 & 3/2 Brigades were in Ciney. Ciney was attacked and taken (TZ3...same old take the map while the US is asleep horse[censored]) and SYSTEM put the brigs in Spontin. What a gift!!! Why would your fallback be forward of the town you were already in?
  11. Is there any chance we could get something that shows where the flag units are on the map? With garrison supply, the map is currently a sea of flags. I'd like to be able to tell where my "maneuver" forces are without having to search entire map. Each town has a garrison, represented by the national flag. Perhaps an added "flag" on towns that have a brigade in them.
  12. There doesn't seem to be enough actual humans to make the infantry overstock easy to do. Maybe come up with a way to have the trucks transporting overstock infantry, modeled as AI that only ride trucks or get killed if attacked . A human driver can then transport a helpful amount of infantry, enticing those who like to play that scenerio a reward for their effort. The flip side would be anyone liking the interdiction fight, will get some decent kills if those trucks are unguarded. I think the new supply actually opens many tactical problems that will be a lot of fun to solve.
  13. anything cutoff is going to attempt to breakout towards friendly units or surrender. I would never expect a cutoff unit to spread itself thinner than it already is. Can a garrison abandon a town? that's what would most likely happen in real life.
  14. we essentially have infantry in every town now.
  15. Why moveable infantry division flags? Seems the moveable flags should all be armored divisions.