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  1. There doesn't seem to be enough actual humans to make the infantry overstock easy to do. Maybe come up with a way to have the trucks transporting overstock infantry, modeled as AI that only ride trucks or get killed if attacked . A human driver can then transport a helpful amount of infantry, enticing those who like to play that scenerio a reward for their effort. The flip side would be anyone liking the interdiction fight, will get some decent kills if those trucks are unguarded. I think the new supply actually opens many tactical problems that will be a lot of fun to solve.
  2. anything cutoff is going to attempt to breakout towards friendly units or surrender. I would never expect a cutoff unit to spread itself thinner than it already is. Can a garrison abandon a town? that's what would most likely happen in real life.
  3. we essentially have infantry in every town now.
  4. Why moveable infantry division flags? Seems the moveable flags should all be armored divisions.
  5. I'm wondering if the flag units can be hidden until they are front line? We have a garrison system now that essentially weaponizes the entire map and it would seem the movable flags are intended to exploit or defend breakthroughs. How can we make it so the enemy doesn't see your movements until the units are front line? As the map exist now, all units are seen by all sides. No strategy there. I think it would be a great feature and would give the HC's a strategic mission that would keep them involved. This game has great sound, use the sound of hundreds of engines to simulate a flag unit moving into an area. Maybe even model a way the recon can find and expose flag units in the area.
  6. right on!! makes total sense and good work Rats...S!
  7. so...just doing .du from within the garrison will show status. Cool! I'm figuring one of HC's "new" tasks will be to keep an eye on garrison supply. On a related point, how about garrison size? Does a town with 2 AB's have a bigger garrison than a 1 AB town?
  8. I may have missed this in the docs, but am curious as to how we get the status of garrison supply. Does `.du` work for garrisons, or is there a generic "This garrison is < 25% infantry" message.
  9. If I'm reading this correctly, Allies win a town. Now they have a 10 minute grace period to decide which force occupies the town? Hmmm...goodbye French forces in Battle of France. What am i missing?
  10. I love realism. You sound like you're giving 1930's weapons 21st century capabilities. Sure, you can fire any of these weapons from the hip, on the move, but all you'd be doing is wasting rounds. what these weapons had over the WW1 versions was speed of deployment and barrel change; seconds versus minutes. These weapons placed maximum firepower towards the objective as you state. They had to do it from a stationary position to be effective though.
  11. sad reality is most if not all airfields were literally fields long and flat enough to support a/c. No built up airports like on the map...imagine this setup: LW has an engineer class that can build these airfields, basically like a spawn that can spawn a/c. It'll never happen...but imagine it.
  12. why no ports in Koblenz?...Remagen? Lots of river there we can't put KM in...
  13. This is most likely a very old question, but I'm wondering why we have to see each and every unit on the map?