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  1. I love realism. You sound like you're giving 1930's weapons 21st century capabilities. Sure, you can fire any of these weapons from the hip, on the move, but all you'd be doing is wasting rounds. what these weapons had over the WW1 versions was speed of deployment and barrel change; seconds versus minutes. These weapons placed maximum firepower towards the objective as you state. They had to do it from a stationary position to be effective though.
  2. sad reality is most if not all airfields were literally fields long and flat enough to support a/c. No built up airports like on the map...imagine this setup: LW has an engineer class that can build these airfields, basically like a spawn that can spawn a/c. It'll never happen...but imagine it.
  3. why no ports in Koblenz?...Remagen? Lots of river there we can't put KM in...
  4. This is most likely a very old question, but I'm wondering why we have to see each and every unit on the map?