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  1. Ditto. I was having issues (everything sounded monaural) until I updated my Creative X-Fi drivers in Win 7.
  2. The answer is Jesus.
  3. Anti aliasing is still broken for me and I can't stand reading text with jaggies =\
  4. Is your in game audio driver set to hardware and not software? Also, under Windows 7 go into manage audio devices within the control panel and find your audio outlet. Select configure and chose your proper speaker setup (stereo, 5.1, 7.1, etc.,). I found by doing that I can get the same audio fidelity I had back when I ran WinXP.
  5. Radial clutter can't be turned off like in the old days - your only option is to set the sliders to their minimum value.
  6. It does work but the downside is that you can't grab and drag the windowed game around because there's no border surrounding it. So you're pretty much stuck with the game running dead center in the middle of your screen but it is windowed so you can still watch your pr0n while playing the game at the same time.
  7. Ok, I went digging around and found my old note on how to run the game in a window. To run the game offline in a window is easy: * make a shortcut of the WW2.exe (either WW2_sse2 or WW2_x86 whichever one you use) * right click on the shortcut and in the 'Target' window add the parameters -width xxxx -height xxxx -bpp 32 -hdw 1 -window 1 at the end outside of the quotation mark. xxxx = resolution of window For example, if I want to run it in a 1024x768 window, my shortcut target would look like: "C:\Games\WW2OL\WW2_x86.exe" -width 1024 -height 768 -bpp 32 -hdw 1 -window 1 To run the game online in a window you have to go into the registry and make some changes. Do this at your own risk. Under Windows XP go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Playnet Apps appid1 instance1 Double click on the 'params' key and add: -width xxxx -height xxxx -bpp 32 -hdw 1 -window 1 at the end just like you did with the shortcut target. On my copy of Win7 64bit I have go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Playnet\apps\appid1\instance1 I would imagine it's the same location for Win7 32 bit users.
  8. I'd have to dig around through my backup drive but I used to run two accounts windowed but you had to do some shortcut command dohickey thing.
  9. So it's out already?
  10. Yeah I noticed that as well but I wasn't sure if it was another bug or not.
  11. GTX 280 (192.61) i7-930 (2.8GHz) stock speed 6GB RAM Win 7 64bit 62 FPS 33 FPS EDIT: 1920x1200 Even though my FPS was in the 30ish range with binocs, the panning movement felt very jerky when viewing trees.
  12. Heh, I got my copy of Win 7 64bit Professional for like 30 bucks through a student discount thingy I came across on the web. I wasn't even a student, I just registered at a local community college and used my newly found .edu email address to buy it
  13. Win 7 64bit if you want to take advantage of your 4 gigs. The game itself won't use all 4 gigs but it's nice having a bit of head room especially if you're alt-tabbing between 2 accounts running simultaneously.
  14. Tried this on a friend's machine. Win7 64bit ATI 5870 (Catalyst 10.2) 6GB RAM DDR3 i7-920 stock speed 2560x1600 No binocs: 58 Binocs: 62 1920x1200 No binocs: 58 Binocs: 103
  15. Which flavor of Win 7 are you running? 32bit or 64bit?
  16. Ahhhh crap the page seems to be down right now.
  17. I just kill sound altogether on the second client but it would certainly be cool to have what you propose. When you're towing your own 88 or bofors it's not an issue as those guns forward but for rear facing guns or when driving yourself around in a 251C it can be problematic in discerning the direction of enemy sounds.
  18. The first time I really noticed this issue was sometime around '04 or so. Walk away from a group of buildings, turn to face, them *poof* sudden FPS loss. With today's fast machines, in my experience, it's much less problematic than it was before the era of dual core machines and their associated architecture.
  19. darkvex does not have this problem, everyone. It must be because your machine sucks lol
  20. I'm running an old E6600 o/c to 3.4Ghz and I was tempted to do an upgrade but everything I've read says I'll only see marginal gains. I'm pretty content with my system as is although I do run 2 accounts I've been considering a quad core chip so that I can dedicate 2 cores per account especially now with 1.30 where 2 cores are automatically dedicated to the game when you launch the .exe Eventually I'd like to throw in a bunch of RAM when Windows 7 hits the scene so that I won't endure any hiccups when alt tabbing between accounts.
  21. *bump* Is there anyway to have a window frame in windowed mode?