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  1. I've put wire across roads. That mess of wire and wood WOULD wreck a truck, tangling in the wheels and chassis. At the very least it should stop it (perhaps depending on speed). It's useful along river roads and just over hilltops to prevent trucks sneaking in behind a bank or tearing full pelt into town. Also useful putting box wire either side in the bushes in case they spot the wire and try to bypass it! I don't consider I'm exploiting anything with that BUT - I do agree a tank should be able to roll straight over it. I've only every been truck fishing so far, though.
  2. I'll be honest, I had no idea I could set an FMS as f2p. This may be my new thing... (Still intending to sub when I change country though, so it'll be good practice)
  3. Thanks for that! I don't normally look at this topic, but thought I'd glance at it and THERE I AM!
  4. I've been f2p for a looong time now and I still adore being rifle as it is. I might appreciate a bayonet, but beyond that I'm happy with it. It just depends on the individual. I can see it might encourage new players if you tease them with more. But I don't think freeing up too much is the answer. There's plenty of capability with the rifle. Maybe just stop demanding we storm into a CP full of rambo axis... I've cleared a CP from OUTSIDE using nades and window shots several times. Running in won't do much good against Shagher. (seriously... stop asking me to run in). We can freak tanks out just by speaking near them. Make them move. It's a surprisingly powerful tool to a jumpy tanker. I'll admit it's not great in town close (see CP comment above) but I've managed to take down lmgs coming at me unexpected. Even a rambo can't do much with an unaimed rifle shot in the right place. We have a satch. - I'm never opposed to doing satchel runs on a efms if nobody else will or can come with an Engineer. It's FUN. It's infantry. It's a satisfying position. Maybe I've been doing it too long. The most I'll do between campaigns is possibly use the auto rifle or some AA. And yes - I am finally going to sub once I'm settled back in Taiwan this year. But only so I can join a squad and do some flying. There is the point of solo rifles and I am often one of those. I like to be in a useful position, but it would be beneficial to introduce some teamwork incentives for newcomers. Chatting to other players encourages continued gameplay. I was SO well looked after when I first joined, but can't remember the player's name.
  5. yes. Sometimes within 5 minutes of logging in. Sometimes after 30 minutes, all during the last week. It seems to be more frequent than ever. I've had a couple of sessions where it's not happened for over 30 mins . I ran to cap a dock earlier and thought it wasn't worth the effort as I'd be gone halfway! I'll leave it this time as I'm about to leave the UK, so will see if it persists when I reconnect elsewhere. I'm on mac, fibre optic. etc etc. Will be going to Taiwan which has fantastic speed compared to here.
  6. I mean, yes - he blew the building i was in (missed CP). I'm not even complaining! It happens. Just saying it's a hell of a way to die after surviving being dropped from one plane.
  7. Even when my stats say I was killed by an Allied Havoc?
  8. that drives me mad. I've been within 20m of an fms and the ML has pm'd me to say stop firing at the ei trying to blow it "because I am attracting them". He then smoked me and his own fms... "because it was the only way to stop me firing". The insanity of that just overwhelmed me, frankly. After I asked whether he was an 11 yr old (he's not. He's all grown up like me), he said he would report me for spying and tell all his friends what a piece of work I am. Some people really need to chill out a bit. Even today, I swear some of these players are about to have a stroke the amount of stress they put themselves under. Just take a breath. Play WELL, yes, but play the game and let others do the same.
  9. I got killed by one of our own bombs after landing. Standard.
  10. I agree with Pittpete that it's far better to try to persuade players to take a quick run-through check of a CP than barking at them to guard. It's irritating (and not in the least bit worthwhile) hearing the usual "ffs nobody was guarding spawn" from someone who hasn't been in a CP themselves for an hour, or has just logged in. People are going to play how they want. I'm not sitting in a CP for too long with my rife, but will happily run in to check one, then try to eliminate the capper and alert. Maybe some kind of alarm system at 75% cap would help? I've also cleared CPs efficiently from outside with rifle and nades far easier than running in.
  11. 1 - Being stuck prone. Seen that mentioned a few times. I've had to adjust how I approach an efms with a satchel just in case I lay it and then blow myself up because I am stuck trying to crawl away. It happens frequently all over the place. 2 - STUFF getting in the way. If I can SEE an ei prone 300m away in the woods, I should be able to shoot him without some invisible section of tree getting in the way. So often trees seem to absorb bullets that are aimed a good foot to one side of it, and even the little dust burst of the strike is away from the tree. It's maddening when in forests or just NEAR a tree. 3 - I'll throw in one of my personal little bugbears as everything else seems to have been covered anyway.... the HEADSHAKE. If I am crouched in an attic and go to stand but the roof is in the way, I spend a few seconds shaking my damn head to tell myself I am not allowed to stand. It's ridiculous and disorientating. I can lose sight of an ei out the attic window, and it basically just wastes my time. Just a flash up on screen will do, or a short noise. Not this 3 or 4 shakes of the head.
  12. I agree. I still see a few players getting all het up about gameplay during intermission, thinking we're in campaign.
  13. One thing that consistently bugs me that may seem minor - is the ****** WINDOW FRAMES. When you go between crouch and stand inside a building to try to see what ei are coming at you outside and you can't see a thing because a thick white line blocks both views. I'm not suggesting we should be able to punch them out (but we should be able to punch them out).
  14. " Please allow 6 to 8 years for return delivery " Or sign up for Prime and receive it tomorrow.
  15. Yeah, I did think that could be it. He'd killed an allied a few seconds earlier, which is how i found him. So maybe the guy before me got a non-lethal hit in and then the credit when I finished him off.