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  1. I have an all air subscription which the website states includes access to light aaa and atgs. However, at rank lt. col. they are not spawnable online. I Don't know which has it right, the gameserver or the site, this is just a heads up.
  2. Pardon me, I wasn't clear. By service I was referring to the units that serve other units, like trucks and transports. But of course service is what you call the armed forces in general, doh! Anyway I just meant access to trucks, engineers, transport planes and ships, not tigers and snipers, and lightnings.
  3. Despite what it says under my handle, I currently have a starter account, and if there is any unit I would like to add it is the engineer, for the building, however, not the FB destruction. Building emplacements, when you have the time is cool. The engineer is a unit that serves others, like the truck, which is available to the low ranking. Starters ought to have access to all service units if you ask me, so they can maximize their contribution to the fun of others while still not having access to the glamorous kit. Maybe they could make a non-combat or reserve engineer (like the reserve smg) that can build but only carries a pistol and no satchels, or something.
  4. This has probably been suggested before. Maybe to keep FTP players interested and playing, and to keep numbers high and thus the game more appealing, one thing that could be offered FTP players is trading rank points for a locked unit, which they could then respawn as long as they don't die. Might keep a few interested who won't pay, but without giving them too much access.
  5. I had the same idea on seeing all the newbies running around harem scarem after the steam release. I think it would be more along the lines of what people are expecting from a war game such as this. This game can't win hearts and minds with graphics, and the spawn and capture rules are a bit on the silly side. A more focused battle would, I think, be generally more attractive - defending lines, falling back, pushing forward with concentrated, coordinated effort. Maybe they could try it during an intermission. It seems that it would be a simple enough check to code. It might not go over well when numbers are very small and a massed attack from a known direction is difficult, but while the numbers are strong perhaps its something to consider. It would be great if defensive FMS's would stay up as well so that players would have a line to defend and spawn into.
  6. If you are a noob flyer, join the mission with a lot of pilots, then follow their marks on the map. This will give you the best chance to kill and survive.
  7. Maybe former players ought to receive a coupon they might redeem at their convenience, if possible.
  8. I am on the 4.99 account and can place fru. Don't know what rank it comes in though.