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  1. gezerk, I have the 6600 (no GT etc) and get and extemely smooth 30 average on the ground, and heavy fights. I get about 40 average even in furballs in the air. Max settings except water reflections. So a bit of tweaking on distance or something I could get higher and have. Now the system I'm running it on makes up for that if your finding your 6600 has no legs. I'm running an E6300 Core2, Audigy 4 soundcard and 3 gb ram currently.
  2. I just don't see where u got that interpretation. The French Historian seemed suprised in the story that he found documents about American/Brit Generals pushing the All-white brigade for Paris Liberation. Nothing was said about the French pushing the all-white brigade meme.
  3. It is summarizing a new book by a historian, not reciting indepth. By my reading of paragraph above the date your referring to it's meaning the army as a whole and since it's a news article its most likely a condensed meaning.
  4. Found a very interesting article:
  5. No pool? I'm lost on that one unfortunately.
  6. I've still only seen 2 ppl state they got it running (half arsed perfomance apparently). I double checked and SB still has beta drivers only (released 1/12/07) up on their site and the more it looks, sound (onboard and card) are still a big iffy for Vista. Realtek apparently has released some new drivers from what I hear on 1/24/07 for those with onboard audio. Junglebr, you said earlier in thread that you didn't use a audigy so I assume your using an onboard resource hog and might want to check into that realtek sight if that's what you have I guess. Not sure what else to suggest to you. Zeffer was one of the folks I've seen. Can't find a thread where the other person got it working.
  7. If your not using a seperate sound card for gaming (big resource hog for onboard audio), Then try disabling the onboard audio and see if the game boots. I can't remember where but I've read somewhere about a problem with AC97 and Vista.
  8. well if you know what your email addy was or something then, email bloo maybe.
  9. If it said Texture something..then might be video related, but w/o knowing the rest of your system specs can't tell ya for sure. As Whit explained search for "Vista" and you'll see the post in which people got it working or not..etc.
  10. Just Control Panel>Game controllers then see if it reads in the box as 'OK' Advanced or Calibration shows at the bottom of that window but other than that i dunno.
  11. That's odd. I'm not positive what could be the problem here. If you just bought it, maybe go exchange it for another? Or maybe someone else will pop in here with more knowledge than I.
  12. Ok then...are you saying it doesn't work in windows calibration after installation? Or that it just won't recognize in game? They way you 1st describe it seemed that windows didn't like the software unless I just read you wrong. Tried uninstalling the software...and just plugging it in (lettings windows run it's drivers only). Will it read properly then?
  13. Unplug your stick...leave it out of the USB port. Install your disc and don't plug into a USB until your installation ask you to. Saitek software has trouble reading properly upon installation if you plug in the stick first from my experience and usually the instructions tell you not to do it.
  14. Easiest place to start would be here on general items: If you are side specific, you can visit either of the side specific HQ forums see if you can't find a ground that matches your play hours and needs:
  15. Along with the several other threads about this....It's possible that CRS isn't in the office today to provide an official response. Very bad weather in their part of the country. Otherwise someone would of said something on it by now. I believe even DOC said he was home today in another thread, due to weather.