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  1. Thank you!.....appreciated.
  2. Can someone upgrade my account? Account management wont let me go from $4.99 to $17.99.............. I try to do it and it wont let me.
  3. COMPANY0 I got your PM. Go ahead with what you suggested. I could not send you a reply PM for some reason.
  4. The monthly $17.99 for now is great.
  5. Thanks will give that a try.
  6. Hello......guess you don't want my $$
  7. I have the $4.99 plan and tried to update to asks me it I want to do it and I hit ok and nothing happens.
  8. Wow...ok. Some questions and sorry for all of them in advance...I even printed out a map and went thru your scenario to better understand. So supply "normally" routs like this.....FACTORY ->HQ->BRIGADES. If HQ is separated from the Brigades (more than 1 town away) it may create its OWN supply assuming it has a link to factory? So to re-route the HQ and link up with its brigades you mentioned we would have to go up thru Breda and back down. How often can you move a HQ or brigade for that matter? Often as in timer? As far as supply there a set amount of equip number for each brigade. So a brigade at full supply has "x" amount of each weapon? Im assuming the amount of supply left also comes in to play when making brigade moves? Im guessing you can move a new brigade in then move another back to build up supply again. christ....its like playing chess. LOL
  9. Axis supply to Wuustweasel would be cut....correct? If that happens what happens then to the cut brigade? Will keep this in mind. Not even in HC just trying to grasp the concepts.
  10. Ok, lines running back to the factory make sense. The map you posted does not blow up so its hard to see any lines. Are lines back to the factory like the in game map or this map?
  11. I hear people talking about it and about cutting off flags etc.... someone said just follow the supply lines back to the factory but what does that actually mean? Does a town have to have a brigade in it to make a supply line or can towns be empty with a line back? Is there some reading material or something that explains all this?