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  1. FTP cannot rank up to rank 7. But nothing is stopping you from using a regular old rifleman for recon and sniping duties.
  2. Could someone please explain the generally accepted etiquette and reasoning behind such, when it come to side switching? I wish to more readily understand the stigma associated with it.
  3. There are a few cases where you could allow players to choose between weapons in a single loadout and maintain realism, such as Lebel/MAS36 for the french and Walther/Luger/MauserC96 for the germans. However, I don't think there are enough times where this is the case to justify adding any sort of loadout customisation considering this is a feature that would take a lot of coding to implement. What they could do though, is add new unit types to represent some of this. Like Reducing the numbers of Rifleman: MAS36 and adding some Rifleman: Lebel1886 for instance. And now my weekly plug quota for the Lebel has been filled.
  4. So Japan is technically already in the game but unplayable. This makes me happy and sad at the same time. Mostly sad.
  5. To: Whoever knows about these things. How difficult would it be to enable bayonets on rifles without having to switch weapons to use it? Would it be possible to enable ammunition cycling for infantry units to simplify using mortars and such? Is it possible to adapt existing world objects such as the cylindrical pillbox, into PPOs without needing the software your missing to modify them?
  6. I've played both sides, and found myself saying "man our gear sucks" on both sides. My opinion of the gear is that it's roughly equal. Infantry: G41w is much better than the MAS40 and the LE is no match at all. G41 Marginally better than the Garand. MG34 is flat out better in every way to allied MGs. Thompson is better than mp40 due to RoF LE better than kar due to RoF and mag size Ger Grenadier better than useless allied grenadiers allied grenades better than ger grenades because they're harder to see. Allied atr better than ger atr due to magazine (allows you to hold the bolt to see where your shot landed) LE sniper better than ger sniper due to large magazine and stripper clip! feed. So as far as infantry goes, the allies have more advantages than the germans, (5 to 4 in allied favour) but where the germans have their advantages, they tend to be much more significant than the allied advantages. So I'd say that Germany has the advantage in infantry. But I wouldn't say that that CRS is biased towards any side, just that they don't always see the fairly obvious. Such as the fact that a ten round semi auto rifle with decent sights would be overwhelmingly better than a bolt action rifle and a 5 round semi auto with claustrophobic sights.
  7. Generally only if it was disabled. Although crews of hopelessly outdated tanks likely abandoned them when faced with superior enemy armour. And if your post was intended to ridicule the suggestion, I don't think any of us would hop out of a perfectly good tank to go fight on foot. On the contrary most of us would be clamouring to get inside of a disabled tank to use it's fire-power. But that would be much harder to achieve.
  8. Not the best video out there.
  9. As far as medics go, lets stick with the old engineers adage "keep it simple stupid". Have any allied soldiers who dies nearby go back into supply after a short period of time (shorter than new soldiers but not instant like RTB). Possibly give them a bandage that will heal wounded soldiers, considering how rare wounds are as opposed to kills this isn't terribly game changing. Radical changes and complicated wound treatment procedures may be fun for some but considering the number of issues this game has right now I think we need to keep our goals realistic for the time being. And as part of that, medics without guns will be nearly useless with the manpower shortage we have now. You could get away with giving them just a pistol but unarmed is useless. As for artillery, I'd like to see player controlled artillery pieces. I know a few guys besides myself who'd love that kind of gameplay. Would be real easy to implement as well as we already have guns that could act as artillery if they had server tracked projectiles.