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  1. Built out of a wing spar from a DB7?
  2. Its possible to make a bolt action rifle barrel glow as well.
  3. Saw Achilles flash by........which tier?
  4. So thats why I saw a lot of planes sitting in airfields doing nothing.......
  5. Yes please. Then there might be possible to set an FMS without spooking the whole enemy army in the town. But I bet, CRS wold make the horse fart so loud that the benefit is lost.
  6. Think hard before you wish your side has a "super weapon". I will, and I am sure may other will, join the side with the "super weapon" Who will be left on the receiving end of that weapon, one. In this case, start the campaign as Axis, just switch when "Axis are being massively outproduced".
  7. Atm FTP, but a wet sine 2011. Was thinking, lets try out this Opel free truck. I tried to set a couple FMS with less than 50% success rate. Got killed by Ei and Et/ATG. I did not think this would happen, but I agree with mj noobs broken record impression, the FMS need to go/change. At the current pop level the FMS concept is flawed, not enough manpower to create a zone of control. And even with a zone of control it could still easily be blown by a singe player. This is not providing content for the paying player, let alone for a FTP.
  8. Sounds good. AAA was also under LW, easy to get LW rank
  9. Yepp. lets keep the inbalance and kill the game! Good choice!
  10. What good is a four barrel AAA, when the damage models are f_ _ket up? Please, get the damage models in line with the ammo as priority one!
  11. Someone poured 3+ mags AP from a 232 to the track of my Matty CS, and I got tracked. I did not pay much attention to the 232 so he kept pouring in the AP. (we all know a 232 cant damage a Matty, right.) Before I could despawn I was sapped. Isnt the track damage cumulative, shoot more at the same spot and it will brake?
  12. 232 will/could (not sure now) flame A13 at close range firing AP above the rear wheel. I got my M10 turret lifted by a 232 a couple camps ago. Im not saying that the 232 can be compared to the Pan or Dac, but rather that strange things happens regarding the killing of armor with ATG/tanks.
  13. Agree on that. There are many of us that for a lot of reasons don’t want to be in a squad. It can be: No squad in the native language, in the preferred time zone. Don’t want to feel the pressure to join others type of game play. Playing from a location where its not practical to use your voice. Someone that’s not part of a squad can still contribute a lot to the side he is playing, especially when attrition is a factor.
  14. Another barrier that has to bo overcome for many of us, is the language barrier. Not all of us are native speaking English. A good idea is to some how promote/market/show squads who speak other languages than English.