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  1. Another barrier that has to bo overcome for many of us, is the language barrier. Not all of us are native speaking English. A good idea is to some how promote/market/show squads who speak other languages than English.
  2. I think a step forward would be som kind of "squad declaration", where players can se what a squad stands for. Like was explained above, different squads have different focus and rules. For example, a squad that only do inf play is not for me. If people try a squad and dont like the squad for what ever reason, all involved have wasted a lot of time. So If we could read about all squads in one place , then it would be much more likely that I/we join a squad that do and behave to our liking and stay, both in the squad but also with the game.
  3. Speaking of history, no FMS were active in WWII as far as I know......... The threshold of taking a FMS down is clearly a game / balance thing, and why should a DD hunt for FMSs? There are other units that are good at killing FMSs, and the DDs are meant to fight open sea battles. My opinion.
  4. It would be interesting to know what the Rats in that case consider to be realistic. I for sure dont know.... My take on the audio in the game is that they were made in an effort to make it easily possible to distinguish between different equipment, friend or foe. example, I have been around full bore WWII inf calibers for 30+ years, there is no way of telling if it was a 30-06 or a 8mm mauser fired. (witch is easily distinguished in game.) Another sound that is really bad VS real life is the 25 mm AAA/2 cm KwK 30/AAA guns. The new sounds created (showing that the Rats know how to do it) are pretty good, example the BAR. May be it a lot easier to implement a new sound to a gun than to an engine....?
  5. I think the correct solution the FMS air camp problem is to make it undestructible by air. The imbalance as is it to great, one side can bomb FMS at leisure, the other side can not, they will be shot down.
  6. To put thing into perspective, you have probably seen this vid Firing trial MK108 Minengeschoß The 40mm Bofors had a similar explosive charge.
  7. Brady, for you. Char vid good audio
  8. This how a Maybach engine sound, actually. The 232 had a gas V8TheThe 232 had a gas v8....not a slow revning diesel.... I think that realistic engine sound would go a long way to make the game stand out, in good way.
  9. I found a few good films, both WWII era and modern from museum STUGs in action. Museum STUG 3G Finish STUG photos from WWII Another modern film Sweet sound of Maybach petrol engine
  10. The game is difficult, the frustration sometimes high, therefore when success in game is achieved its all the more rewarding. You will get hooked if you give it time.
  11. As I understand, you can do this right now with the key mapper. Or do you want to drive the tank from the gunner position?
  12. Agree with maxios above. Was just playing 10-15 min so its har to tell if there was anything different.
  14. Had a quick look at the CRS/BATTLEGROUND EUROPE Fb page, a like of cause! BUT, pls remove any reference to rapid assault, leaves a bitter taste for a Battle ground Europe fan. (right or wrong, I think Im not alone of this opinion)