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  1. I actually hear you but what you are asking is a trade off. The vets use comms and experience. Some only use experience. You are stuck on that long road to getting there experience wise but you are NOT denied comms. You need to be on teamspeak to achieve the level of information you are asking to be built in as a crutch. Automated marking is a no for me. Teamspeak comms is by far the best way I can think of and it will teach you a ton very fast. If you are a tanker especially (inf don't usually 'take a hit', we just die) then you need to be in comms with infantry. The best tankers in game rely heavily on information from friendly inf. The way you are speaking you don't use voice and you're new. Stop giving yourself 2 disadvantages when you should only have 1
  2. You can't code out people who are using good comms and teamplay to get an edge, they are the ones who need to be rewarded. This is how the vets use marks: Firstly as a spotter you give approx direction and distance mark. APPROXIMATELY. Every vet knows marks represent approximates unless announced or stated on map as 'EXACT'. I'm not shouting btw, it's just emphasis and I'm lazy with bb code Too many elements of this game rely on rewarding teamplay and comms. Auto spotting like in WoT is a bad idea and just disassociate players yet more. Teamplay/squadplay is something you need to do. It's part of this game and if you don't do it you will always be a victim to those who do. Even if the squad isn't doing something official together I know by turning up in the same locations and getting on TS I will be involved in good comms and teamwork. Marks on the map are not even needed a lot of the time because we describe by features in the terrain. You should use comms and accept the fog of war as part of what makes this game unique in all honesty. I know it deters from fast action adrenaline but if you play it to its potential there is nothing as good on the market, trust me. Marking is just fine, get good at it yourself and then work with others who do the same.