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  1. I feared as much. I'm coming home from college soon, actually, so I'm going to try to run it on my PC, see what happens. If I get another teul_ERROR while on an entirely different machine, I have done something wrong and I am not going to War today.
  2. It's been a few days, still no luck. What am I doing wrong?
  3. I just started World War II online today. I'm at college, so I'm using my MacBook. However, when I started the launcher after a successful download (version, so the game tells me), I find that there is a big ol' "404-Component not found" in white text over an alarmingly red bar. Below it, it reads out why it can't find... whatever it's supposed to find, and says "Please try one of the following pages", which redirects me to the WWII Online home page. Undaunted, I've tried to connect online. Let me state here that I can go into offline mode, but that's not very much use, now is it? In any case, every attempt to load up the online portion of the game redirects me to a pop-up that states "ERROR", and then below that "teul_ERROR". Does anyone know what I should do to work around this? As far as I know, I have not done anything wrong, so I'm very confused. EDIT: I have noticed in a check of the forums that this error occurs mainly when the servers are down, but I've seen no notice of currently downed servers at all, neither on the forums or in the game itself. EDIT 2: Well, this is curious. When I went to look for the server status of WWII online, I found that the site was showing an identical error to what happens when I load up the launcher. I suppose the servers are down. Does anyone know when they'll be back up?