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  1. I'm sorry I couldn't make it. I just came back home. Any screenshots ?
  2. a 2006 video of D520 action. Finally posted on youtube PQh1uOmCS6w
  3. Ok I'll bump it for you, Join the Foolz
  4. Live in the 30's ! New video There is a youtube Version for the lazy noobs and a downloadable Version (9 min long, 110 mb) RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS And for the Youtube : VUX0rjGu4cs
  5. haven't you heard of Xvid ? Far better than divx. better quality and best compressing. FYI , with divx codec , it was 210mo and no as nice as it is
  6. add this one
  7. Mine Sorry for Mistake One man Airquake 4 Wing friend Pacification and from my squad Wings of fire - Battle for france Gforce56 Gforce56 Une journée chez les gris Seul contre tous
  8. You don't have anymore to log on the forums. Redo registration with the followings steps : 1. Join the AHC TS 2. pm a Guys who have SA near his name (mean server admin) to allow you to register with server 3. Open the self menu and choose a login and a password. 4. Relog on server with the password. If you have already do that and it doesn't work. Try to do it with another login. If not , go to the forums AHC and ask for help.