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  1. I'm not alone:
  2. Any time soon? Directional sound is completely fubar. Please don't move to support as it is not a support question but a dev question.
  3. Anyone experiencing sound problems with new patch? Windows 7 - 64 bit SB X-Fi Platinum 5.1 SPeakers Can't distinguish between sounds coming from directly in front or back. Both sound alike in the center channel. Confirmed my speakers are set up correctly. Very annoying. Situational awareness is fubar.
  4. I'd like to combine the stats from 2 of my accounts. One would be wiped clean and the other would be the aggregate of the two. Anyone know if this is doable? Or who I might contact? Thanks
  5. I've begun using my original account which had expired a year or two ago. I was wondering if it's possible to reset my stats and wipe everything clean. Start from zero - recruit across the board, no kills, no deaths, etc..? Thanks
  6. That's an old benchmark. If you try a newer version you would probably notice a difference.