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  1. As a now F2P and former long-term premium (different name) subscriber, I can tell you that I quit my subscription for a couple of reasons - but mainly because the side imbalance made the game less fun, and since I didn't have a lot of time to play, I felt it wasn't worth the effort. I don't play much anymore but spawn in on the underpop side. I've read through the suggestions and like the idea of improved (more accurate, more aware of EI) AI for the underpop. This would only be possible in an overpop situation in which an AO was placed on the ungarrisoned town. I think the HC for the underpop should be able to determine which of their ungarrisoned towns they consider to be most strategic and use some of their supply to beef up the AI in those towns as well as being able to place the additional AI for better tactical use. The attacking side would not know if the town was fortified until they scouted it. These AI would vanish as the town gained a brigade for defense or as soon as the overpop was balanced.
  2. i like the idea of arty in the game, but suggest somewaht realistic friendly fire exclusion zones based on caliber, say 400m or more. If you have an overrun situation and can get HC approval for "danger close," then allow the rounds to kill any friendlies within the blast radius.