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  1. The only game comparable to this is Planetside. Planetside 1 was quite similar but is pretty much a dead game and as far as I can tell receives 0 development since Planetside 2 is out. Planetside 2 is a heavily dumbed down version of Planetside 1 where the maps are considerably smaller and more emphasis was put on satisfying gameplay than on strategic meta game. It's very fun in small amounts, but after playing it for a week or two you'll invariably come to the realization that it's a glorified death match. The game has no real supply component other than marginal cooldowns, so whoever spams the most wins. This is certainly fun in the moment due to the large battles that erupt, but due to the small size of the map and the absence of supply lines, the game quickly feels pointless, at least to me. Any ground you gain one day is immediately lost another day. There's no long term progression unless all you care about is your kill-death ratio. The graphics and gameplay blow WWII Online out of the water, but at the end of the day this is just a novelty, and the game doesn't have the staying power that WWII online does.