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  1. Hello guys - so after numerous installation attempts, I can not seem to get my map overlay to work. Usually when I float my mouse over a city or a player I instantly get info on who it is or what unit - Now - NOTHING. My mouse works in all aspects except that. I cannot get instant info. any ideas? Ltibbs
  2. Thanks Blckhawk and Silky - I was not aware of this option - I will join HC reserve tibbsy
  3. Hey guys - not sure where to post this. If it needs to be secure I can move it. I was wondering if there is the possibility to grant temporary .HC access for VETERAN (and I do mean veteran) players with HC experience so that they have the ability to move BDES during low POP. It could be a limited number of moves. This would allow for an emergency deployment to protect either Army from being exploited by the other side in softcap attacks. When an entire Division is in one city because of previous actions, and some players log on in low pop - they are powerless to protect their Army by making a few moves to keep the battle more competitive. I do understand that one can join HC - but then that obligation takes over. I cannot give enough time to HC - which is unfair to them - but I can log in and make a couple moves when I see the situation getting out of hand. It would only work if there were severe restrictions placed so that one person could not mess up an entire map by carelessness. But those of us who are old veterans would NEVER do anything to hurt the side anyway. Thanks - just wondering. Ltibbs
  4. Joined up 2004 retired AEF CINC my squad was BKB I last played in 2015 but RL has been too busy - will try to get in game this spring. love the game and the people ltibbs