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  1. Np man was just something that came up in AHC meeting. Is a good thing and i hope we all can agree that it needs to be done. I am hoping this becomes a trend and get the campaign rewards and such posted here as well.
  2. Well deserved cookie420. In regards to Allied and Axis forums we as AHC or OKW should make the effort of putting awards for f2p players where all can see. Just my two cents.
  3. Twerp is about gone. i made moves to try to save brigades to little avail. I am sure i will see in 7 hours or so that the map is along the gent line in north and around the area of the reims area in south. in the first hours of this campaign. I am also sure that if players do not adjust it will be over in a day or two. Who cares about having tank on defense or dfms when if anyone goes 400 out of town then you will lose it. No reason to run a dfms because if you have any player spawn from it you will lose your cps unless you have everyone checked every 30 seconds. There are very few people in this game anymore who will even sweep a cp as they pass on way to fight let alone take the time to sweep cps in an unending cycle. That is what its going to take. I am sure that when i come back and check in the morning this post will be gone. I hope you at crs will take the time to read this fully. I worry that poor thought out ideas like this will not only effect the players who are playing now but if this happens when Steam is released, I am afraid the game will be gone by next year.
  4. muamau, American forces do not come in until Tier 3, to simulate the campaign from 1939, through the end of World War 2.
  5. S! Good news hope its fixes some issues. If it will fix some major stuff keep it down as long as needed. frack