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  1. Lt allied army. Sgt German army
  2. Sorry B2K why even try to help someone that clearly does not want help lol. This was painful to watch lol. You were just trying to get to the problem by asking questions wow and he took it as an argument. I just don't understand people sometimes:confused:
  3. Thank you Xoom. I was referring more to something in the middle of the starter account and full subscription account to have more options in the subscription world.
  4. Just a thought. Let's say get equipment up to rank 3. Any ideas? I know crs is trying to go all in or all out. But why not get something instead of get nothing from the ones who won't pay 15 or 18 bucks a month. I for one will pay the full subscription. When the chance comes. Any thoughts?
  5. Where is the starter account to get you started in the air? Yes you get a starter account to get you started on the ground and only ground. Does not make sense.
  6. I agree with Nozlen. I have a buddy right now that will pay 5 bucks a month if he could fly all rank 2 aircraft. I definitely can't get him to pay 15 bucks a month ever. I am waiting to pay off a credit card to pay for full subscription I like flying all aircraft and will for sure subscribe again. I would pay 5 bucks a month right now if I got rank 2 aircraft. The wife would be OK with that while paying off the credit card. I just don't get missing out on 2 subscribers just because of getting nothing more out of the air. But I also don't mind shooting people down with a hurri 1 while they are in a fw190