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  1. Ok, something is wrong. I just installed a fresh Win XP on my 2nd pc and started using my 2nd account on it. Does not work - CTHL within a minute! Ip connectivity is fine, no packetloss or duplicate IP addresses. Also my IP addresses are from public network segment so this shouldn't be some odd private IP address problem. Four of my squadmates have a the same problem - if they use their second accounts it is an instant CHTL hell. The only solution is to use a different ISP on the second machine+account. So that makes me believe that servers might have a IP mask problem, one client should have mask on the host but now my gut feeling is that it isn't so. Something makes the server drop the secondary account connections which are "too close" the primary connection IP-address. But anyway this is just a conclusion from the behavior, I can not think any other reasons which could fit the problem description. What else could be the problem specially when all the troubles go away when you use a two different ISPs? Btw. I also tested the primary/secondary connection tricks, no help, also sse2/no sse2 binaries.
  2. Linky How about utilizing the least used part of the map? We have the Alps modelled. It would be great to have some towns and villages there. Also the castle with the cable car elevator would rock. (see the movie, then you know what I am talking about) I know that all serious developer time is dedicated to improving the game. That is why I suggest that the game map editor should be released for players. I bet there are more than enough people interested in learning how to use the editor. Wannabe map editors just need a general outline of the region modelled, ie. what is needed and where. Then just split the region into segments and assign them to modellers. This would be a good way to test if the player base is a good content source for the game. This project could be a evaluation tool for all modellers who would like to contribute something into the game. If that scenery would be there I am certain that there would be a lot of players buying admission tickets into that event. It could follow the story outline of the movie "Where Eagles Dare" by Alistar McLean. Ps. If this happens I am first to volunteer as an organiser/map editor/whatever. Ps. Ps. The castle Hohenwerfen in Austria which was used in the movie doesn't have any cable car. It was filmed elsewhere and optically added into all scenes where the castle was visible. Still, in this gameworld our castle would have the cable elevator. And winter settings.
  3. I tried to install this game on my friends mac and it went ok BUT all I get is 7FPS!!!! FPS fixing threads didn't provide any help. Is the problem related to vertex buffering (or the lack of that?)? Or is it a dual core problem? This machine is a Dual Core 2.166Ghz Nvidia 7600 machine and I expect that this should be able to get over 20fps... So, what should I do? Install Windows Vista Dualboot on this beatifull Mac or wait for 1.2xx?